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I love them ♥️

iconic 😂
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Salma Hayek vs Anne Hathaway 😻

Did you watch this episode before?😭😂
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haha the security man😂

your phone percentage is the chance of your idol coming to your country/state!✨

I really wanna shove a cactus up their asses and throw them off a cliff

When u show up to her crib and the plan was to head out to dinner but she answer the door Bucky nekky and she just like "I snacked earlier I'm good 🤓" and u realize that this shit was never about dinner she just wanted the PP but low key u didn't eat all day so now u gotta give her that hangry pipe and then have that late night hanger gyros all on your lonesome while she sleep blissfully and well-fvcked and u ain een want a gyros but only the Greeks open that late so u stuck eating gyros because that's life #UnpaidGigolo #WhatIfIWantedToEat #WhyWereMyFeelingsNotAccountedFor #SoYouJustGonUseMyLikeTheRestEh #welpAF 😢😂😂😂


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I peep Hailey 😍 [k]
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her smile is so beautiful 😍

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