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That feeling when you help to put a smile on someone's face. 😁
7 months of chemo - Kelly, you are stronger than I will ever be. Thank YOU for looking up to ME❤️
Give back by paying it forward to @psvcare - all the details on my FB and twitter feeds
#GivingTuesday #KellyStrong #PayItForward

Good win for the U 🙌 and Me #kellystrong

“You’re going to get knocked down a lot. But you’ve got to get back up.” #KellyStrong
📺: #AFootballLife: Jim Kelly premieres FRIDAY (9pm ET)

Little #TBT.. One of the coolest things about hitting the powerball and playing in the NFL is meeting legends.. They have no idea who I am, but that doesn't mean shit to me.. This was a really awesome moment that I'll never forget.. Just a couple Pittsburgh guys chit chatting about life.. My exact words at this moment "Man.. You're a legend.. You're a badass.. And damn your handsome" #KellyStrong #CoolShit

July 16, 2017. One year later.
If you were to ask me why I believed in God, I could give you reasons all day. I've claimed to be a Christian my whole life, and I've seen God in so many things throughout my life, but i have struggled to live the life Christ has called me to. It wasn't until exactly a year ago today I TRULY started trusting in God like I should've from the beginning. When you wake up to a phone call at 8 AM telling you your cousin has been shot in the head and might not live to see another day, you have no choice. You forget everything else you think you know, and you put your faith and trust in the Lord and you pray-- Psalm 56:3. What do you pray for? I couldn't tell you what I prayed for after I hung up the phone. But I can tell you it wasn't a pretty prayer, it was full of tears, confusion, some doubt, and a little resentment. God had taken so much from my family in the year prior... for what? And why? It was not until later He showed me what for and why. He was saving his miracle for my cousin. ••• 6 weeks. That's all it took for God to heal Kelly. God heard our prayers, and answered them. Our family and friends prayed continually for those weeks that Kelly would be healed-- 1 Thessalonians 5:17. My prayer, combined with everyone else's, moved a mountain-- Matthew 17:20. Our prayers were answered. My cousin is not only very much alive, but living, loving, and testifying to what the Lord has done. I thank God everyday for his never failing love. I learned to trust in the Lord through my cousin and my prayer family. Kelly, along with my Aunt Lisa, will forever be the people I look up to and strive to be. For being strong, Christian women who live to proclaim God's word and love no matter what. Although we may never understand God's reasoning, we trusted in Him and He didn't fail us-- Psalm 37:5. And He isn't finished-- Philippians 1:6.

God is good, y'all. Forever and ever. Amen.

Happy Belated “Beloved” #Cousins 💪 #KellyStrong ❤️ #FamilyMatters @_ambitixn

With my two very best and long standing friends supporting @erin.mcneal aunt Kelly battling ovarian cancer. Thankful for @portlandgear who made these amazing #teal hats to support the cause!!! #kellystrong

this week I have lost so much...my big brother and my grandma. I have also gained not only one but two sisters (surprise Justin got married too). I am so blessed to have had 22 years with my now angels. They will forever live in my heart. I am so happy that Justin got to marry the girl of his dreams. Friday I got to watch my brother Sean finally marry the girl of his dreams. Beth patiently waited for 9 years. I have so much to be grateful for even during these extremely difficult times. Everyone hug your loved ones a little tighter, visit them more often, love stronger, care more deeply and live with all you've got. #kellystrong

730 days without you here. 730 days I have not heard your voice, or seen your smile! I miss you Mom, every single day! I know you are in the best of hands and I know we will meet again, until then continue to rest well! We are all doing good you would be so proud! I love you 😘😘❤️#ihatecancer #kellystrong


My sistas and I supporting Steve Kelly on World Pancreatic Cancer Day #kellystrong #wagehope💜

@tspannmccarty couldn’t have said it better. #kellystrong #myhero

Closing comments from Asst DA @willbarham1. How true! #kellystrong

Happy Belated “Beloved” #Cousins 💪 #KellyStrong ❤️ #FamilyMatters @_ambitixn

Did you know that ARMOUR Barns of Statesboro is a locally owned and operated family business? We were founded on the principles of family and community. Jerry Kelly founded ABOS and passed the business, along with his work ethic and love of this community, down to his daughters. We are committed to uphold his vision through hard work, honesty, and integrity. We invite you to stop by and give us a try. ABOS has you covered!!! #KELLYSTRONG

‪Thanks to everyone who supported our #KellyStrong Tournament, all together we have raised $1,809.64 & counting for “Kelly’s Kause”‬ 🎗

We look forward to resuming play in the spring, to crown a tournament champion!‬ 🏆

If interested in donating towards “Kelly’s Kause” please visit the link in our bio.

Little #tbt with one of the greatest QB ... #kellystrong #theU #beatnd #QBU

Size S Jim Kelly SuperBowl shirt. This bad boy has the official Super Bowl merchandise sticker still on it (in pictures) perfect condition and meant for greatness. Wish it was my size so I could keep it. $20. #buffalo #buffalobills #bills #billsmafia #vintagesports #myersmediamarket #Superbowl #jimkelly #kellystrong

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