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Oldie 🙈 Happy Mother's Day #KellyJoBates 💙 #CarlinBates #BringingUpBates

Favorite of all! Sorry I didn't post today! I woke up at 12:30 and then around 1 I went with my mom to do errands and then we ended up waiting at a place for more than 2 hours! We didn't get home til 8 because we had a lot of other places to go. #GilBates #KellyJoBates

Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary to these two! 💑 You all are an amazing example of what a Godly, sweet, patient, kind, loving couple is! Hope your day was special. ❤️// #GilBates #KellyJoBates #WeddingAnniversary

katie looks gorgeous & so grown up in this picture. mama kelly, you look gorgeous yourself. 😍😍❤️ | @thebatesfam #kellyjobates #katiebates

This is an adorable photo!! 😍❤ // #bringingupbates #kellyjobates #kacilynnbates

Carson, Bradley, and allie are so lucky to have an amazing grandma like Kelly Jo! #kellyjobates #alliejane #carsonpaine #bradleybates

January 1st
October 26
Gil & Kelly Jo met at Anderson University (which used to be Anderson Jr College) in Anderson, SC. They served on a ministry team together and Kelly Jo was also the lab assistant for Gil’s chemistry class. Gil conveniently needed some tutoring for that class, and there was more chemistry in the air than in the books! They both transferred to Carson Newman University in Jefferson City, TN, where Gil proposed to Kelly. After 27 years of marriage, they have had 19 wonderful kids and 4 miscarried babies waiting to meet them in Heaven, and they have enjoyed the most blessed life anyone could imagine having! Gil currently pastors Bible Baptist Church of East Tennessee and owns a family tree company called Bates Tree Service.
Fun Facts:
Gil & Kelly thought they would only have two kids at the most, and only after about 5 years of marriage!
Gil won the 1983 SC State Championship and was voted Most Outstanding Wrestler
Favorite Things:
Gil’s favorite verse: 1 Corinthians 15:58
Kelly’s favorite food: Japanese
Gil’s favorite movie: Flywheel
Kelly’s favorite way to handle stress: hum hymns softly
@thebatesfam #gilbates #kellyjobates

Gil & Kelly Jo❤️ #gilbates #kellyjobates


Happy Mother's Day #KellyJoBates 💙 #LawsonBates #BringingUpBates

Happy birthday Kelly!! 💞💞💞Hope it's wonderful like you are 😊Have a GREAT day 💜💜 we love ya! @thebatesfam #kellyjobates #kellybates #haveagreatday #❤️

Gil & Kelly Jo❤️ #gilbates #kellyjobates

katie looks gorgeous & so grown up in this picture. mama kelly, you look gorgeous yourself. 😍😍❤️ | @thebatesfam #kellyjobates #katiebates

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