I’m still on a high from #kikiwithkela! Sometimes you just want a closeup of a 25 dollar dress you found yesterday in Bushwick! My nana would have said - ummm where the hell are your clothes! But you look cute hefa 😭! I paired this cheap dress with a few name brand accessories and felt like I was million bucks. So many things on the horizon this weekend! I’m feeling guuud! Stay tuned! Hint: I’ll be on your FM radio and on a rooftop near you!
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#kikiwithkela Legs out and Party Done! What a lovely time with @kelawalker tonight. She dropped so many gems, shared awesome tips and SOLD the hell out! There were manicures, rose’ and tequila so I am a happy camper! Thank you so having me spin tunes! And special thank you to @Verizon! #nyc #kelavie #love #mesh #bookedbusyandblessed

I had time this morning and I ❤️ the @dreamsindrive podcast. ☺️ So, of course I enjoyed this week’s with @kelawalker. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. I learn something every episode, from guests in every career field imaginable and all walks of life. #dreamsindrive #ranacampbell #kelawalker #kélavie #kelavie #podcastsincolor

How many of them could've did it with finesse? Now everybody like, "she really is the best... Cause I been ON... #KelaVie
This was my 6th time covering the #MetGala and I must say it was my best yet. Everything was just ON POINT. From head to toe. Down to my dress matching the rug. @mettenarrative said I was swerving y’all modern day Bridget Bordeaux realness which ironically fell right in line with the theme of the night. Love that @gabriellecorney took me out of my comfort zone with this luxe unity from @robynmichelebeauty and that @keys_rebelle perfectly coordinated the makeup with this @macduggal dress. They DID THAT #metgala2018 #metball

Loving this hot pink look styled by the amazing @_jessicafraser for THE @kelawalker
She'll be hosting the style stage at #Essensefest this year. Who's going? 👀
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دوست داشتم اولین پست از پیانو زدنم خیلی خوب و با برنامه ریزی باشه؛ ولی خب من آوا ام دیگه... یهو پا میشم دلم می خواد فیلم بگیرم. واسه همین ببخشید بابت کیفیت و زاویه چون با گوشی گرفتم و پایه نداشتم واسه همین گوشی رو گذاشتم رو پیانو
امیدوارم پست من برای چند دقیقه هم که شده شما رو از فکر دنیا بیاره بیرون💙
porze goret by yann tiersen
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This is @kelawalker She is a force with which to be reckoned. She is strong and powerful because she doesn’t settle for just being beautiful, smart, brave and accomplished. She goes for busy, booked and blessed. She is highly favored. And, she shares her light with others. I remember meeting Kela over 10 years ago. She was interviewing me and I remember she had a shoe cam before Wendy and she wore red lipstick and it was stunning on her. She still does. This picture of Kela is from the new book by @robertbrace of women he has transformed with his training methods. Look at her power. This is not a filter. This is real. Brava, Kela. Photo - @justhephotog #kelavie

Quand ta pote te dit "misy bogany any" aiiiii #meme #kelavie #malagasyfronché

Woman with a Word Wednesday: @kelawalker always has the best quoteables and content but when walking into purpose it’s important to remember that growth happens at different stages in everyone’s life. Also, focus, consistency, and faith make the difference in your season of Blossoming. If they’re sleep let them sleep, your work will speak for itself and wake those who need to be woke. SN: Go after what you want and seek advice. One of my moments of purpose awakening was seeking and receiving advice from @kelawalker. Don’t underestimate your power or the promise over your life. 🌸

The glow on Kéla is so real ✨✨✨. Her fave “THE ILLUMINATOR” duo Compact is a must have. It’s a Black Girl Magic must have! Sold online at www.KamiCosmetics.com (code KAMI at checkout ) and In store @theglamatory Atlanta ✨✨ #kamicosmetics

Pay close attention to those who DO clap when you win @kelawalker was loud & proud about her love for @inhershoesblog #kelavie indeed ❤️ #ihsholiday17 more from this wonderful event @thecletter link in my bio!
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The perfect lipgloss for the season 🍂🍃🍂
Great glide gloss
Long lasting wear
Cruelty free
No parabens
Pigment on POINT!!
Lip: “ON TOP”
Shop: www.KamiCosmetics.com
Lip swatch @kluermoi 💋

🦋 پسرها عروسک ندارند 🦋
دیگه عروسک بازی مد شده واسه آدم بزرگا ❤❤

You can't continue to complain if you're not doing anything to change your circumstances. Jumpstart something new, alter your mindset & remove all the toxic people/ things / thinking holding you back. It's time for the next level. #KelaVie
New @s.l.a.y.forlife classes starting SOON. Be Ready. #SlayForLife
PC: @amymorsephotography

Damn ma ✨

Candy striping and slaying on my timeline on a Sunday. @kelawalker | #fashionbombdaily #fashionista #nyinfluencer #kelavie

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