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Being a black woman right now is like being a part of some super exclusive, prestigious goddess organization. IT's LIT
This unplanned #blackgirlmagic moment was bought to you by @inhershoesblog who always brings the magic out in every moment #SheDidThat
#KelaVie #MembersOnly #NotSoSecretSociety

Foil on White!!!!! #Repost @kelawalker with @repostapp
Look, don't pay attention to me in the background looking tired AF. Today's #Slay4summer class wo me out. Yes WO. It was intense but my nails tho.... that's what this picture is really all about. I took a break from chrome and tried something new with foil that @thenailboutiquenyc owner Sabrina created. They litty (zoom in for a closer look) #KelaVie

'Don't nitpick at your dreams' - @kelawalker ✨✨✨✨✨ Booked: When I wanted to pursue reporting more seriously, Kéla allowed me to 'book' a Meetup with her to learn more about how she got into her career.
Busy: With her advice, I got to work with more confidence, competence, and thanks to her blog, class.
Blessed: not only did I win a chance to have my Kloset transformed with #kelavie's expertise, I've continued to learn from her as she elevates and doesn't shy away from sharing advice on the way.
Hope you had an amazing birthday and may this upcoming year be your most #bookedbusyblessed yet 💖

"just do you boo 💁🏽 and forget anyone who doesn't support that."
#Repost @kelawalker always drops the best knowledge ❤️
It doesn't matter how many people do what you do; no one can do it like you. Promote yourself until it pays off. They'll either get mad and delete you or get inspired and support you. Either way, you good.
#KelaVie #BookedBusyBlessed

Damn ma ✨

Candy striping and slaying on my timeline on a Sunday. @kelawalker | #fashionbombdaily #fashionista #nyinfluencer #kelavie

#Repost @kelawalker
She Who Dares Wins
The strongest people aren't always the ones that win, but the ones that don't give up when they lose. Until next time Emmy... #KelaVie #ShinningBright
PC: @thnwblk_

Repost from @kelawalker Being healthy and fit isn't a fad or a trend. It's a lifestyle. I'm out here trying to live well #Slay4Life #KelaVie 📷 @sass4eva

To say I had fun on the set of @stylecodelive would be an understatement. I can't believe I get to call this work. 🙌🏾.
I've been wanting to get more live experience under my belt and this was THE perfect place to put my skills to the test. Everyone on set was so chill and fun not to mention I got to talk about my favorite thing- fashion and shoes- so it was really like I was kicking it with my girlfriend but with cameras filming us & 20+million people watching. No big deal.
Shoutout to all of you that tuned in. You the real MVP. Legit. I appreciate you more than words can express. #KelaVie
P.S. Deets on this look coming soon to kelaskloset.com but in the meantime you can have it sent to you when you sign up and like an image with this on it ---> @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2qVNQ

Follow the sequins to the #BETAwards17 red carpet and #watchmework #KelaVie


همنوازی با آقای محمد احمدی🎹🎼 ممنونم از همه دوستان🙇💗
ملودیکا:آقای محمد احمدی
پیانو:عسل قناعت
دوستاتونو تگ کنید


There is something about a woman that rocks the perfect red lip 💋. Confidence
@kelawalker reps all of that!! Get the perfect red lippie from www.KamiCosmetics.com
Regular matte: Wanted
Metallic matte : Zorro
Use code "KAMI" at check out

If my strength intimidates you, I hope you realize that's a weakness of yours. #BlackGirlsRock and the world will be reminded of such along with how glorious and strong we are on tonight's annual @blackgirlsrock awards show. It's one of my favorite events of the year as it truly is #blackgirlmagic personified. Tune into @bet tonight at 8/7c and get ready to be inspired and motivated!! #KelaVie #BETPartner #BlackLoveMovement.

Happy Monday Kuties.
So much is happening today but everyone I know is completely consumed with the #solareclipse. 🌘 My entire office is on standby, decked out with solar filter glasses (which btw are a lot less cuter than the sunnies I'm wearing) ready for the event which hasn't happened at this magnitude since 1918.
I on the other hand am over here still relishing in the joy of my weekend, also wondering if anyone will notice I'm wear the same dress as yesterday. *looks left and right and casually sips tea, actually coffee*. I really liked my dress yesterday. 💃🏽 Listen, ain't nobody see me yesterday or at least not the same people that will see me today. Call me Rerun, I don't care, I wear my clothes. + It was the quickest way to get ready for work today 😜 But never mind me. Y'all just kick ass this Monday and be sure not to make direct eye contact with the sun. #KelaVie

Said, You can't f*ck with me if you wanted to ... 🥊Stepping up my defense thanks to the folks at #SecurityMaster who hosted an awesome workout and self defense class. (peep my InstaStory) They showed me and a few others how to protect ourselves and our selfies. Yes SELFIES. Lol. Think about it... We keep a lot of important stuff on our phones from messages & bank info to "private" photos and they help #SecureItUp.
Now she say she gon' do what to who, let's find out and see. #KelaVie #ad #fitness #workoutwednesday #fitnessblogger #Healthyliving

#August you got a lot to live up to! July was nothing short of amazing, filled with Blessing on blessings on BLESSINGS, not to mention the celebration of another year of life. Here's to wishing the last full month of summer is just as great. #KelaVie

#MissionMonday Accomplished
This was pretty much EVERYONE's reaction when that Bodak Yellow track dropped during today's class.(peep my InstaStories for proof)
Huge Thank you to @missionathlete for sponsoring today's class at @spikedspin. Everyone loved it and the cooling towels that swung in the air every a dope track dropped. Shoutout to the dope ass @bri.monee for turning things up during class. Again peep my IG stories for proof. #KelaVie #OnAMission

Which fit y'all think I should wear for today's #MissionMonday workout at @SpikedSpin? Both looks are from @missionathlete. shop the look, link in bio, and use my code "Kela25" for 25% off your workout wear. You know ain't nothing like a cute fitness fit to make you work a little harder. 💪🏾 #KelaVie #MondayMotivation

When something is for you, all you have to do is BE YOU to receive it.
Im so ridiculously grateful for this moment this weekend. If you would have told me a year ago that my desire to lose weight would turn into a fitness journey that would inspire others to invest in their own health, much less garner an invitation to the @naturbanleague Conference, I would have laughed in your face. This is how I know God is real. Sitting on the EMPOWERMENT STAGE encouraging folks to Slay for life... that ain't nothing but God. There's no other way to explain it. This is the evidence. Gods dreams for you are real and so much bigger than the ones we have for ourself. Stay faithful my friends. He'll bring everything you imagine and more to fruition. #KelaVie

#FridayFeels: We're loving this #supportyosis moment from our girl, @kelawalker. #HappyFriday ladies! ・・・
#Repost via @kelawalker Teamwork > Competition.
Loving this radiant moment at last week's flower bomb event with @viktorandrolf_fragrances. Doesn't it just make your heart smile to see girl power moments like this. 🤗 💃🏽✌🏾. Happy Friday Kuties. Wishing you all the joy, smiles and feels evoked in this photo. #KelaVie

Teamwork > Competition.
Loving this radiant moment at last week's flower bomb event with @viktorandrolf_fragrances. Doesn't it just make your heart smile to see girl power moments like this. 🤗 💃🏽✌🏾. Happy Friday Kuties. Wishing you all the joy, smiles and feels evoked in this photo. #KelaVie

Couldn't let #MissionMonday pass without sharing this with you Kuties. Y'all know I've been #OnAMission to get fit and #SlayForLife. So I'm super excited to invite you for a special workout with me & @missionathlete at @spikedspin next week. We gone get lit and fit at the same damn time. It's a healthy hangout #KelaVie style. There are o my a few seats so tell me what you're #OnAMission to accomplish to secure your spot in class.

#Repost @kelawalker
Them North Carolina gals always know how to keep it cute and cool @monroesteele #KelaVie #sntcpicnic

#Repost @kelawalker
Act as young as you feel. You're not getting older; you're getting more entitled to be your fabulous self 💁🏽 #KelaVie

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