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For everyone who’s wondering about how Captain Cold is coming back for the crossover

He's a really good actor and I think he would NAIL the role of Eobard Thawne. Do you guys like this FanCast? COMMENT BELOW👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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. (also, don't focus on the beard. That would be the disheveled Eobard BEFORE he figures out who Flash is and he becomes Reverse Flash. Then he'd shave)

Just in time for the crossover :)

Those smiles when they told the team they're engaged 😍💗😭


I woke up so early today. 😂🤔

./' Let's talk about Queen! What have been your fave looks queen has done? ✍🏿☕ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
This was one of my fave's from this yr she looked like a goddess! & I also will forever love the Golden Globes outfit! An ICONIC outfit for an ICONIC DAY! ⚡

Those smiles when they told the team they're engaged 😍💗😭


Ay, ¿con todo eso duermes, chiquito?🔥 *broma.*😂

@keiynanlonsdale is my #mcm. He's Kidflash on Cw. He's a dancer,actor,and model. Plus he's a #blerd. #keiynanlonsdale #pastels

Which crossover are you more excited for? Arrow or Supergirl?

Does anyone care about my daily post thing, would anyone actually notice if I missed a day or am I the only one that would freak tf out if I missed a day lmao😅
Also he's a gem💎
#wallywest #kidflash #quickwest #uriah #keiynanlonsdale

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