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Saturday fellowship #thankyoulord #keepyourfaith #wordofgod in His presence #haveagoodday #blessed

All I ask for is a Life FULL of LOVE and a LOVE FULL of Life 鉂わ笍馃挍馃挌馃挋馃挏 #keepyourfaith

Before every competition I say these words "Your will be done" What that means is that if it's in God's will then it will happen if not then it won't! I don't get fixated on what my competitors are doing because there's no one in this world that can take my blessing!! And if you really have faith in that statement you're untouchable even at your lowest moments, because if God is for you who can be against you? #nelco #nike #gardenoflife #keepyourfaith

Sometimes as an encourager, you need encouraging too. Sometimes in life, things can get a little frustrating for you. Especially when you're doing your very best at living for God's purpose within your life. It is the relationships that God blesses us with. People who will continue to hold you accountable and motivate you at the same time. I thank God for the brothers He has put in my life, because living for God is not always easy as some try to make it seem as. When living for God, you will go through many battles and uncomfortable situations. But when you have genuine friends to support and pray for you along the road, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. My brother @bfortune.iii sat here for almost an hour pouring into my Spirit and reminding me that the good things I do for our Father does not go
unnoticed. My brother knows the life I chose, and he let the Holy Spirit use him that night to help me understand that God sees all. Even when we feel like he don't, God's timing is always on time.
Surround yourself with friends who has a desire to live for the Lord, who has a desire to have a relationship with the Lord. Who will hold you accountable and make sure you're on the right track for God to br able to use and bless you.
This is what SpirituallyInvolved is about.

"Ah, eu s贸 quero o leve da vida pra te levar..." 馃崁鈽 Ph: Vict贸ria Farias
#bomdia #keepyourfaith

God will always make a way out of no way 馃檹馃徑#keepyourfaith#blessed#keeepgodnprayer1st

Obstacles are sure to come in this life. Following Christ does not exempt us from trials and tribulations. Being ACTIVE in your FAITH means believing even when you are in the middle of the storm and the odds are stacked against you. Faith that is untested is not real faith. .

#ActiveFaith #WillYourBeliefStopWhenToughTimesCome #KeepFighting #KeepYourFaith

馃嚨馃嚬 Ed. Sousa / 馃嚨馃嚬 A. Freitas
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Congratulations to both my son @dominik_35 & his girlfriend @_marie_juliette on graduating from HCA class of 2016! Wish you both the best in your next phase of life! Love u both: #keepyourFaith #Blessed


"Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life." -unknown #KeepTheFaith #KeepYourFaith

Don't ever give up on leading your significant other towards Christ.
Once you give up on that, you're giving up on that relationship.
#StayInPrayer #KeepYourFaith #TrustInJesus #GodlyCouples #ChristCouples #Prayer #Perseverance #Love #TrueLove #GodlyLove #ChristCenteredLove --------------------------------------------------馃晩馃摉鈥淟ove never fails."-I Corinthians鈥 鈥13:8鈥 (A)

Cuando todo lo que cre铆ste se viene abajo, s贸lo te queda la esperanza de seguir mirando hacia arriba. El Eterno siempre arroja Su luz.

#keepyourfaith #keepforward #fulfillyourpurpose #followyourdestiny #god #grateful #godsgift #godsmercy #godlovesyou #godwillleadyou #embracetogod #salvation

No matter how bad, mad, sad it may look right now, there is a method to the madness. Sometimes you gotta remind yourself "I ain't had a bad life, just some bad seasons".. remember that you've been annointed & appointed & greater is he that is in you than anything in this world.."it's easy to talk what you've heard, but baby I aint talking bout what I heard, I'm talking bout what I've been through" #GoodMorning #HappyFriday #ThereIsAMethodToTheMaddness #RememberToEncourageAndSpeakLifeOverYourself #KnowGodGotYou #KeepPraying #KeepYourFaith #butGod #MyFaithIsBananas #MyPraiseIsAWeapon #MyGodIsAmazing #2017IsMyYearOfVictory #iRepeatItEveryday #BecauseIBelieveIt #WithAllMySoul #iKnowMyDaddyGotMe

God hears your sincere prayers 馃檹馃徎#keepyourfaith #thankyoulord #iloveyougod

Kamu berharga di mata Tuhan. Dan kalau ada orang yg anggap kalian rendah, nga berguna dan apapun itu it's okay. Cukup ingat satu hal, kamu berharga di mata Tuhan. Kamu itu biji mata Tuhan . "Sebab beginilah firman TUHAN semesta alam, yang dalam kemuliaan-Nya telah mengutus aku, mengenai bangsa-bangsa yang telah menjarah kamu -- sebab siapa yang menjamah kamu, berarti menjamah biji mata-Nya . (Zakharia 2:8)"
Mata adalah salah satu alat panca indra yang sangat penting. Agar tidak silau pun orang melindungi matanya.siapa yg rela biji mata nya di pegang ? Bahkan saat ada debu pun mata kita spontan saja berkedip sebagai usaha untuk melindunginya. Ini semua melambangkan betapa berharganya dan pentingnya mata kita. Apa lagi kita di anggap Tuhan sebagai biji mataNya. Kita acapkali tidak menyadari bahwa Tuhan senantiasa menjaga dan memelihara kita. Saat orang sekitar memandang mu rendah, ingatlah identitas mu betapa kamu berharga di mata Nya. Selamat malam . God Bless Us

I'm strong on the outside, not all the way through. I've never been perfect, but neither have you...
- Chester Bennington
#Quotes #Life #Strong #Perfect #KeepYourFaith #ChesterBennington

Always feel beautiful.. Start each day HAPPY :-) #lifeisgreat

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