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I don't get grades! But thought this might be relatable to some of you guys!
QOTD: what's your favourite hair color?
Mine: Blue and black
Credit/stolen from: @5sosdailyandmemes *
*#5sosfam #outlasttheignorance #weloveyou5sos #5secondsofsummer #weloveyouashton #keepsmilingashtonweloveyou #calumhood #michealclifford #ashtonirwin #lukehemming

Let's do this Monday 🙌🏻 #OhMonday

Okay guys I'm just gonna rant for a minute
First off how could anyone say this about us or ash its not okay its telling people we love to hurt themselves and its wrong second why aren't 5h telling them to stop why are they ignoring this it serious
And three why can't people leave our boys alone and us we haven't done anything and finally don't send them hate we don't need to sink to the harmonizers level this is just gonna make us stronger FAM and remember we are a family and were here for each other
I can't say anything except #KeepSmilingAshtonWeLoveYou

This is to the boy people made fun of for air drumming, for cutting himself, or even when he was being himself. I always want you to be happy your my sunshine and your everything to me. You've showed me that it's on to be an outcast, or a Reject and you've showed me how to be myself no matter what everyone else saids. I still get sad over the fact that you used to cut yourself. And you stopped because of us. The 5sos family, without you most of us wouldn't be here. I don't understand how some people hate you, your amazing and talented. Your one of the best drummers I've ever seen. I love you Ashton💕 #keepsmilingashtonweloveyou

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