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Go Fennique🙌🏼 @honesty_90s ~ I love the brows .... not too thick and well arched❤️ #keeppushingthrough #practicemakesperfect :)

dreaming this sandpit is actually the beaches of Cancun #31days #senioritis #keeppushingthrough

WOOoooOooo! I'm so stinkin' excited!
Hitting physical goals🙌🏽 #takethatlyme #keeppushingthrough

Thanks God for let me do what I love everyday! .
Gracias Dios por dejarme hacer lo que amo todos los días! .
🙏🏽⚽️4️⃣8️⃣ My angel! #kika #mf48 #believer #keeppushingthrough @ewinsetyo 👌🏾

TGIF!!!....about to get this day started. Remember find something to smile about #viphairlounge #hairbyshina #rvahairstylist #keeppushingthrough #grateful

I've felt SO inspired lately by so many powerful women who work so hard to transform them bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. 💗
It brings me to tears some days to read about some of these individuals stories and feeling like I can relate to them on certain levels.

What inspires me the most as of late is seeing so many women who have babies/children and look absolutely incredible. Yet I see and hear time and time about how a woman's fitness journey is thrown away once they get pregnant. I can't seem to wrap my head around how a person could ever think this is true.
I love knowing I have an incredible challenge each and everyday while expecting and even waiting for me when I have my child and I face it head on!! We are ALL capable, no matter the conditions! There is absolutely no reason you can't see those goals be reached if you put that work in. NO ONE is limited.
How sad of you to underestimate ANYONE.
Always focus on YOUR goals and remain humble through your journey to get there. No one is better or more accomplished than the other. Physical appearance doesn't make you better. I'm more interested in learning about your passions and getting to know the person you are inside. Your outer appearance doesn't tell me who you are as an individual.
Stop comparing & stop underestimating others.
While you're judging, they are succeeding.

#FlashbackFriday 3yrs young, Proud mommy moment🎂 I remember putting my son in pre-school... figuring out the pros to early education. I was a college student at the time therefore I wanted my son to have an early start in school. The outcome was great my son has always been eager to learn new things. He constantly researches topics with an innovative eye. 📓



Sometimes we all need a reminder. 🤗 Because we are all wonderful and we have to keep pushing through the hard times and keep smiling 😍 Happy Monday ladies!! 😘
#happymonday #wonderful #smiling #beauty #lipsense #beautiful #lifeishard #keeppushingthrough #itwillbeok #lovelife

The woman on the left is the sole owner of this land where she cultivates Cotton, Jasmine Plant and Black Gram. She then engages with various local vendors in selling/promoting her commodities in which she earns steady income to support her family. Her hard work and sense of entrepreneurship inspire me above and beyond. #WeHaveNoExcuseLadies #KeepPushingThrough #NoCharity #SheWinning 🙌🏾

Do you ever feel like randomly laying on the floor in the middle of a tough workout?? 😜

I really hate to admit this but since starting my allergy drops, cardio exercise has been really difficult for me.
Keep this in mind: 👉YES, you should be pushing yourself in every workout. This is the only way you'll get better and reach your goals 🙌

BUT.. if you are in pain or your body really wants to quit, it's ok to slow down, modify, or take a break and lay on the floor.
It's frustrating when you feel like you simply can't do the workout move but ✨you get back up every day and try it again ✨

Don't give up on yourself 💗 .

#youcandodifficultthings #keepgoinguntilyoucant #dontgiveuponyourself #getbackuptomorrow #keeppushingthrough #mondaymorningmotivation

Chin up, believe in yourself and anything you put your mind to.
Sophomore Academics Believes in every single one of you. You are all capable of greatness. #keeppushingThrough. #SophomoreAcademics #BelieveInYourself #AchieveGreatness #Sunday #Academics #School

I'm my eyes potential is great. But what are you doing now. Well baby I'm making moves. My future is bright but so is my present. #KeepPushingThrough #EndorseYourself #PlantSeedsForTheFuture #ShineRightNow

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