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Grab two sheets of paper towel and slide. #core #latenight #keeppushingthrough

Got to play in my makeup today - made me happy (except it hurts to put it on and take it off 😳 - it’s worth it!!!) Looks like my face and neck are a different color 🤣🤣🤣 - they aren’t - it’s the lighting on the picture!!!! #makeupaddict #trigeminalneuralgia #keeppushingthrough #dowhatmakesyouhappy #strokesurvivor

As a young woman growing up, rock climbing was my outlet. It was my chance to get away from societal expectations and embrace my uniqueness. For so long I shied away from my differences, but this sport taught me to embrace them. With climbing there is never one way to do something, it’s all about figuring out what works for you and trusting yourself enough to carry through with it. It can be terrifying but if you push through you might just find yourself 3,000 feet up witnessing the world in a whole new way. It taught me not to be complacent but to put in the work to get to the top. This sport quickly became a lifestyle, one in which I share with a loving community that has become like family. #outdoorresearch #sheadventuresscholarship #yosemite #keeppushingthrough

2:40 getting it done. It’s getting harder each day. Not able to go unbroken anymore as my hands are saying ouch, lol. #ocrbeastchallenge #keeppushingthrough

Shut down all the f*cking noise and focus on what's ahead.
📸: @eutimiocorrea

That man hes looking at is on his way to greatness!!!#keeppushingthrough #WeGonMakeIt #yeezylife #GymLife #FitLife 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

I've felt SO inspired lately by so many powerful women who work so hard to transform them bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. 💗
It brings me to tears some days to read about some of these individuals stories and feeling like I can relate to them on certain levels.

What inspires me the most as of late is seeing so many women who have babies/children and look absolutely incredible. Yet I see and hear time and time about how a woman's fitness journey is thrown away once they get pregnant. I can't seem to wrap my head around how a person could ever think this is true.
I love knowing I have an incredible challenge each and everyday while expecting and even waiting for me when I have my child and I face it head on!! We are ALL capable, no matter the conditions! There is absolutely no reason you can't see those goals be reached if you put that work in. NO ONE is limited.
How sad of you to underestimate ANYONE.
Always focus on YOUR goals and remain humble through your journey to get there. No one is better or more accomplished than the other. Physical appearance doesn't make you better. I'm more interested in learning about your passions and getting to know the person you are inside. Your outer appearance doesn't tell me who you are as an individual.
Stop comparing & stop underestimating others.
While you're judging, they are succeeding.


This means more to me than ever now! I am unstoppable and even though I have something that is going on with my body I will conquer and live in the present moment! One day at a time!
#shebelievedshecouldsoshedid✨ #shebelievedshecould #shebelievedshecouldsoshedid #unstoppable #motivation #nevergiveup #inspiration #unstoppablelove #unstoppablelife #neverquitting #love #itstime #focusedanddetermined #lifestyle #keeppushingthrough #keeppushingforward

Just in case you were wondering... P.S. Don't let that disappointment, failed relationship, loss of a job or that dry bank acct make you think different. #GodHasAPlan #encouragement #KeepPushingThrough #inspiring

When you have a full day of double music calls and then a one hour solo set gig out west and it's going to be the hottest day on record. Smile and hope for the best. #hot #hotday #omg #toohot #work #workingmum #opera #operamum #soplife #christmas #busy #sillyseason #crazy #schedule #keeppushingthrough

This is my 9th day on / 12, so I’m starting to feel a little 💀. My colleague pointed out that this is posted up in the hospital. It’s the little things ♥️ #keeppushingthrough

2:40 getting it done. It’s getting harder each day. Not able to go unbroken anymore as my hands are saying ouch, lol. #ocrbeastchallenge #keeppushingthrough

Some training days suck....from start to finish. A nagging shoulder/bicep made muscle ups just hurt today. Snatches all over the place. Then it becomes a mental snowball game.... I have to remind myself today that through struggle comes growth. But seriously, can we start today over? #thestrugglesarereal #mondayblues #keeppushingthrough #tomorrowisanewday #mastersathlete #trainingdayfails #keepingitreal💯 #itaintalwayspretty #ijustwanttosnugglewithmydognow #whereareyouSophie🐶

There are some days I feel I have made no progress, I get frustrated with myself and feel like giving up. I had been trying for weeks to hit a weight loss goal and it didn't feel like I was making any progress towards that goal until one day I just stopped. ☺ **** I stopped getting on the scale hoping for that number to pop up, stopped worrying about what everyone else thought and I stopped comparing my journey to everyone else. It was there in that moment when I realized growth was happening, and it wasn't weight loss related. A few days later I tried on a pair of jeans and they were baggy, so I got on the scale to see and I had surpassed my goal and it was because in those moments frustration and anger that I kept pushing and didn't give up on myself. **** I realized it took longer than a day to put on the weight and that over the course of ten years since having my first baby and gaining most of the weight it would take time and I was finally OK with that. I'm human, I make mistakes, I take rest days, I eat cookies and chocolate 😁and most importantly I live my life. **** I am setting the best example for my kids and all the hard work I am putting in is finally showing. I can see it and notice it in my clothes and I am more motivated to keep going more than ever. I'm sure I will continue to have rough days but it wont stop me from hitting more weight loss goals.

#truth it will all be worth in the end and if it's not then it's not the end 😉#neverforget #keeppushingthrough

Gotta just #keeppushingthrough 5 #exams this week to #conquer and then I can finally say #onetermleft till I graduate and will be a #registeredmassagetherapist!! #gotthis #soclosetotheend #justkeepswimming

Working on that straddle leg human flag #calisthenics #strength #movement #progression #keeppushingthrough

Working to stay focused this holiday season: starting today off on the right track with an early morning endurance workout!
#fitlife #stayfocused #pushplay #keeppushingthrough

Doubles day 💪💪 No time like today to get started on those New Years resolutions! Why wait?
#stayfocused #starttoday #keeppushingthrough

Happy hump day! We are grabbing a quick workout between watching the news...these California fires are CRAZY! Stay safe out there! #workoutandpray #halfwayhumpday #youaredoinggreat. #keeppushingthrough. #restdayontheway. #workouts. #muscles. #mealprep. #mealsandmusclestogo

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