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Thanks to our @baliunitedfc supporters for the support under this rainy night. Awesome atmosphere. Amazing 3 points for keep raising it and chasing our DREAM 🙏🏾 Thanks @sylvanocomvalius for your assist! 👊🏾Our family, players, coaching staff and every single member of BUFC will pray for Gunung Agung!!🙏🏾🙏🏾⚫️🔴⚫️🙏🏾🙏🏾 #baliunitedday #bali #indonesia #GladiatorMODE✅ #keepmovingforward #newbalance @newbalance_indo ⚽️

☀️Comment "Me" if you are in the pursuit of happiness ☀️

Like if you understand the true meaning behind this photo/quote.

You're struggling again, but that doesn't mean you lost the fight.
And just because you've hit rock bottom doesn't mean you should call it home. You are a warrior and this battle doesn't even stand a chance. ⚔️🖤 Thank you @lucasnoonan for the fantastic photos 📸 🙏🏼
Make up: @sabrinaromero96
Fight top: @hagagear
#mondaymotivation #BellatorMMA #pickupyourswordandfight #keepmovingforward #MMA

Always remember this!

Autumn is back and perhaps people are feeling anxious abut moving into the darker period of the year. This might make you slower, less motivated etc. But for me, autumn is actually the period where I make the most progress. You really get the time and space to focus on moving things forward, making things happen and getting closer to your goals. New days, new challenges and new opportunities. I am super excited about the autumn! Energised as hell! Let's hit it! 🔥😃💪


Photo-realism is one of the ultimate goals for many CG artists, and it's also one of the most difficult to achieve.

No worries tho, got it nailed 🙌

After 4 months dealing with my skydiving injuries my strength is slowly coming back. Yoga has been my saving grace. Another set of mile sprints ending with yoga ❤️ #myevoultion #cantstopwontstop #mentalfortitude #yogaislife #runnerforlife #nevergiveup #keepmovingforward

So many ways to be seen.
Presentation slides, handouts, program maps, signs, visual metaphors.
There are lots of technical aspects to keep in mind. What I find even more challenging, and interesting, is finding just the right way to illustrate your big idea.
Finding the right visual way is more than creating a visual. It's finding the nucleus of the idea.

My visibility doodles are a way to express myself. They're also a way to tease out those elusive connections between idea and visual representation.

Sore as hell, but also proud as hell of my @jandaracing Wolfpack team in finishing our first @ragnarrelay! 207 miles run by 12 people in 36 hours from Maryland to DC. No sleep, big frigging hills, scorching temps, and cramped conditions in the vans made for a great running experience that took all of us outside of our comfort zones. I tackled 29 miles and 1,777 feet of elevation gain, but it was ringing that cowbell and cheering on my teammates, and other runners, to overcome their pain and keep moving forward that made Ragnar a great race. That and all of the crazy shit and inside jokes that come out when you're all riding the pain train together. And gotta love being the anchor man and running the last leg of the race -- and having the entire team run across the finish line together!
#medalmonday #ragnar #ragnarrelay #ragnardc #bragnar #wolfpack #trainjanda #running #nomatterwhat #weatherproof #757 #commitment #itsonlyamountain #gutitout #keepmovingforward #neverquit #alwaysearnednevergiven #sportsmatter #keepmovingforward #iwill #letsroll

Try to hang with people that force you to level-up 🙆🏼

Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it 💪🏻💕

For about three months now I have been doing Intermittent Fasting - eating within a certain time frame throughout the day, no longer than 8 hours - this gives your body the ability to fast for 12+ hours a day depending on the time of your last meal. I have noticed that my cravings have subsided, and that my hangry mood swings aren’t a thing anymore and I also have way more energy BUT I have also concluded that sometimes I’m eating just because I should be and not because I am hungry, with that I have noticed frequent bloating, I believe this is due to my IBS. So as of today I am going to start eating when I am hungry, I’ll stick to my same meal plan tho because my body does seem to be reacting well! BUT remember everybody’s body is completely different and will accept and adapt different to certain things. Although I am stopping this momentarily I may try this again in the future because there are so many outstanding health benefits, GOOGLE IT.
With that I am curious to know what diets or lifestyle habits have you tried? What works well for you? Why or why didn’t you like that particular diet? Etc. etc. COMMENT BELOW 👇🏼👇🏼

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