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Here's a tip from photographer @neilbennett3 : "Prior, proper, planning. Most of my photos including this one, I planned weeks in advance. Google earth, googling places, and using Instagram to scout locations before I even get there is a large part of getting the shot I want." | A6000 | 10-18mm | f/4.5 | 1/400 sec | 18mm | ISO 100 |

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Textures from the east coast. Shortly after taking this photo, a nice French couple asked me to take photos of them with their iPad, which I always enjoy doing. Also, I'm heading on a road trip tomorrow morning to catch the eclipse - any good podcast recommendations?

After splashing around in the ocean + teaching each other games through charades for an hour I just HAD to take out my camera and capture the cutest kids of my life 😍 these three girls ran for hugs and snuggles once it started raining.. my heart 😭❤️ #LiveGoodDoGood

One of many amazing mountains on the Faroe Islands. This one is from Kalsoy

In case you have missed any of Montana's sunsets lately, here's a reminder of how great the show can be.
Photo by @kaitlin_mm #Montana #Sunset #MtBigSkySeries

Move with attention, not only ahead but also back, not only right but also left. Reminds me famous Bollywood song" a bhai jara dekh Kar chalo 🎶🏔 #justgoshoot #exploretocreate #visualsoflife #passionpassport #theoutbound #worldtravelbook #австрия #austria #mountains #trekking #горы #backpack #traveling #travel #travelgram #travelblogger #keepitwild #wanderlust #indiantravelblogger #indiantraveller


There's more waterfalls out there than the ones we continuously see on IG. That be me as the windforce from this majesty was flowing through my hoodie last winter.

Views from the tent 🏕 We had a great first weekend away at the #bigfeastivalca, but now it's time to head back to the big city. A HUGE thank you to @mec for the #goodtimesoutside. We'll see you again next year @bigfeastivalca, but with the little one in tow. 🌿 How was your weekend?

Imagine all the changes that have happened in a place like this. What it used to look like... 🤔
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Clear skies, full waterfalls, can't lose ☀️

The last bridge so far, by night. What a city.. Go there!

Kootenay Park views 🌲⛰

Photo by: @katie_the_mexican_lady .. Here's some background behind this #moody shot : "I love a sky full of beautiful clouds, so when I stepped outside and saw the moodiness of it all I ran right back inside to grab my camera and keys to my truck. I knew exactly where I wanted to take advantage of such a beautiful day. I drove to one of the local sunflower fields and scoped out my spot looking for the perfect combination of the beautiful sunflowers and moody sky." | A7RII | 24-70 GM | ISO 100 | f/18 | 24 mm | 1/50 sec


The mountainside town that is located less than one hundred kilometres from Tokyo. This small little town is famous for their hot springs, natural beauty and the view across Lake Ashinoko of nearby Mount Fuji.

Find some shade today 🌊 #theOceanState 📸:@edush93

So great to be up in the mountains yesterday, especially fun with good friends. Jackson Peak.

Take time to remember the little things.

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