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Evening calm on the lake. Time to hit the water

Quick apology if I wasn't able to get back to your comments on the last post. I usually try to respond to each person individually, but I was literally blocked from replying because you guys blew that photo up with so many comments. Appreciate you all.

While views like this are amazing, free and inspiring it should be considered everything that goes behind them. With a little research and preparation anyone can do this, but more importantly do it right so it's sustainable for everyone. I encourage anyone who wants to camp in the backcountry to educate themselves for good practices, the more we know the more we leave this place awesome.

Those who do not believe in magic may never find it. @terumenclova at Carezza Lake #likeamountaingirl

Sunrise paddles at sparks lake, one of my favorite views to wake up to in the morning.

New YouTube video! 🎥
Just posted a little video recap of our trip to Iceland on our YouTube channel. Link is in my bio. Check it out!

i don't think i'll ever tire of being in wild places. they make me feel alive, grateful, and at home in a way i'll never properly express in words. But this photo Tahui snapped upon our arrival in the atolls gives you the idea... we're finally back to an internet connection and i can't wait to share more from our recent 700 nautical miles of voyaging! #keepitwild #protectwilderness #titsinthewind #moonrise

There are 40 national parks in Finland scattered around the country's archipelago, lakes, forests and fells.
Photo by @valtterihirvonen from Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park #VisitFinland #OurFinland @visityllas

Яхты, корабли... прекрасный транспорт😎 Не хочу машин, метро, автобусов! Хочу в купальнике с коктейлем в руках плыть в закат🍹⛵️⚓️🌅😍❤️


Yes. My hat says SLAY. It's my new favorite ✌🏼

laughter is timeless, imagination has no age & dreams are forever ☁️🙃💞

Tough long walk up Dove Crag from Brothers Water and a VERY windy summit.

An elderly man takes a break from the heat, while exploring Agra Fort.

•When You're Ready To Go•

ngl I had coco pops for breakfast today 👀 buuut swipe right to see a sneak peak of the three brunches I'm talking about over on howlindycsit today - the link is in my bio for the full post and more photos if you're feeling hungry 😋

Summer of the #tinytrout

The smell of Lavender in the air 🌾.
So portraits are usually not my thing but I've been practicing for this up coming wedding and I think my portrait photography has improved drastically. Thanks to all my peeps for helping me learn the ropes! Y'all know who you are 😉 Philly crew!.
👩🏻: @nanayipstyle .
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When there's a magical view like this, you just gotta stop and take in the moment 💜🚐💚 Pic by @mrsgrubby on her #JUCYworld adventure in the South Island of New Zealand

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