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I’m taking my over defined brows , baby hair and Vick’s with me into 2018 #TrendsImTakingInto2018#ForgetYouAndYourTrendsLeavingBehindVideos#DoYouBooBoo

Hair texture after washing! #TexlaxedHair #EEMSDIARY 📍the Netherlands 📷 January 6!

Flash Back . How I stretch my twist

It’s Tuesday !!! Have a blessed day Fam

Wet n Dry . Pony for the week

This year I’m going back to basics with my hair journey. My focus is keeping my hair healthy and retaining some length! I’ll be stripping back my hair regime and sticking to the products I know and love!! As always, I’ll be posting my weekly wash day routine and sharing my staple products!#HealthyHairJourney #HealthyHairJunkie #WaistLength 💁🏾‍♀️💕

This #yogamamaMonday brought to you by two sickies 🤧 Grace and I both came down with colds over the weekend and did not leave the house, so a little movement today felt divine.
These are great stabilizing and heating movements to get the bigger muscles of your body warmed and activated but make sure you feel steady with your balance if you’re holding your babe 🤗 .
🌟 stand at the top of your mat and roll back and forth from the balls of your feet to your heels to get grounded, take several deep belly breaths
🌟5-10 chair squats, hug your naval up and in and send weight to your heels and keep your chest lifted
🌟5-10 lunges R/L
🌟5-10 Goddess (or 🐴) squats
🌟5-10 warrior 2 pulsations each side 🌟wife-legged forward fold with a lateral stretch side to side .
Repeat as many times as you’d like - or just once! Remember, it doesn’t take much to shift your energy and clear your head 🙏🏼
Enjoy and happy Monday and MLK day everyone! 😃

🍱MEAL PREP🍱 Done & ready to roll!💥👊🏼
Don’t get overwhelmed when prepping your meals for the week. 😁❤️
Key 🔑: KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. .
Unless you’re just blessed w/ extra on your hands 💁🏻‍♀️ or motivated to add some fancy touches 👩🏻‍🍳 to your meals, keeping it simple saves time & headache! 😉👍🏼
💥Write out a solid meal plan .
💥Grocery shop per the plan...STICK TO THE PLAN or you’ll end up w/ a basket 🛒 full of items your body doesn’t need & a grocery bill that will blow your top 🤯
💥Meal prep w/ content & portion size in mind. .
👉TIP: After using all of your spinach for prepping, rinse the container & reuse as storage for your pre-portioned bags (I have ziplocks of spinach & blueberries in this photo) to keep in your refrigerator without them getting squished! 😉
Need ideas? I’m happy to help 😁❤️ #mealprepsunday #keepitsimplesista #healthymeals #80dayobsession #readytoeat #timednutrition #backontrack

'Three things cannot be long Hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the TRUTH' - The Buddha •

♡ Be Grateful. ♡ Act with Love. ♡ Check your Motives. ♡ Watch your Attitude.
♡ Forgive.
#nofilterneeded #upsideofdown #ringsfordays #blessed #strengthtraining #slowandsteady #onebody #onemind #oneheart #trusttheprocess #breathe #consciousliving #highestself #soulloving #keepitsimplesista

When you are feeling yourself 😊😅. A high bun style always gives me that extra umph! #EemsHairstyles #EEMSDAIRY

Go to my profile for the link ⭐️

Have you seen my latest hairstyle? See previous post for a snippet. Want to see the full length? Go to my YouTube Channel EEMSDIARY. Don't forget to like & subscribe #EemsHairStyles #EEMSDIARY

One morning in Paris before l went to the office. #marketing #productmarketingmanager #blackskin #natural #nofilter #simple #keepitsimplesista

Let thy gypsy mess make art #keepitsimplesista

Got a midday craving? Why not try roasted chickpeas~aka garbanzo beans. These little yellow beans pack a real nutritional punch 👊🏼 If you want a crunch, toss with olive oil and roast in the oven about 25 minutes. Spice them up with a little chili 🌶 or curry powder. You could also toss ‘em with fresh herbs, like rosemary or lemon 🍋 Once they’ve cooled, enjoy the intense nutty flavors. It's a different kind of snack and an ideal way to ward off cravings. #detox #kaiastrong #2018goals #plantbased #imhungry #keepitsimplesista #kaiafit #kaiafitlaguna

♥️🐶🏋🏼‍♀️ #keepitsimplesista .
How are you doing on your New Year resolutions? Did you make any? .
I did not. I’m not big on resolutions. I prefer goals. Big 2018 goals. Medium quarterly goals and mini mo they goals. .
Of course my health is part of those goals and thank goodness for my gym membership. It’s super simple. No fancy expensive equipment. Everything you see pictured is what I used to workout today. My pups even get to tag along for my workouts. I get to wear whatever I want. I get so scream profanities if I want. I get to blast music if I want. Plus I get access to no guess work meal plans. It’s freaking awesome. .
My health. My goals. My time. My way. My living room or anywhere with WiFi. .
Are you working on your health in 2018? .
#healthylifestyle #eatrightnotless #lifestylenotadiet #crazydoglady #pitbullsofinstagram #dogmom #coffeeaddict #2018goals #mygym #mylife #lovelife #homemade #pottymouth #southern #feelgreatdomore

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