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I had a dumb hater comment on the picture that I posted yesterday🙄😒. 'This isn't reality' (among other insulting stuff)
But that picture is reality. Or it was.
I really did look like that.
I really did work my ass off to get there.
I really did hit that pose.
A talented photographer really took that picture of me.
It is reality.
Now, do I look like that 100% of the time? Spray tanned and lean?
Most days this is what I look like. Heck this is what I look like right now. I took this picture 2 minutes ago frfr.
Clothes not matching. Hair a disaster. No makeup. A little bloated. Cellulite. Sunburn. Packing up my things to move in 2 days.
This is also reality.
Why can't both be reality??
I'm all about 'keeping it real' (and if you've watched any of my YouTube videos you know that), but what's wrong with being proud and showing off what you've worked so hard for?
Posing for pictures is a skill, and if you got it, baby girl, flaunt that shit.
Hell, editing pictures is a skill. Like hey lil mama your edits are fire what filter app you usin??
I definitely don't walk around looking like my IG pictures all the time, but it is reality.
It really is me.
And I know I work hard as hell for it.
We shouldn't discredit other people's hard work.

Ain't Nothing better than Practice🕺🏽💪🏾with ma homie @moekaiyal #migos #tshirt #riyadh #popping #keepitreal

Yipee it's the weekend. What are you up to? Tomorrow is my last performance for King Roger with @operaaustralia. Il be sad to say goodbye to all my buddies as they have been awesome to work with. My new pogo stick arrived so il be teaching myself lots of tricks this weekend. This is so sick it can jump as high as a building. Thanks again @damonhunterphotographer for my new headshots. #alecgolinger #alecgolingeractor #alecgolingermodel #alecgolingersinger #tweenactor #tweenmodel #boymodel #malemodel #aussiemodel #aussieactor #ermtalent #livingauthentically #keepitreal #extremepogo #goodbyekingroger

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What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself?

2011 vs 2017, this might be a long post, so if you're reading : Hi, you're beautiful.

Eating disorders play tricks on your mind. When I loved myself enough I learned to meet my own needs and not call it selfish. It' OK to ask for help.

I've been called too fat, too skinny, too pale, too muscular, for years I'd wear makeup every day to cover up my dark circles.

From weighing 74 pounds to 120, unhappy to genuinely happy.

When you start listening to yourself instead of the rest of the world, amazing things happen, YOU happen.

I work out because it makes me feel like a badass, I rather be strong than look it, there is no miracle pill or shortcut, just self love and consistency.

Fitness saved my life, what get's you moving?


Man sollte immer auf dem Boden bleiben 👆🏿
#keepitreal #realshit #real #netto #penny

@kanangill at his best.. #keepitreal 😂😂😂

Watch this awesome standup special "Keep it real" by Kanan Gill on Amazon prime videos..
Also dont forget to watch Metallica documentary and show it to your gf as well..😝😝😝


508 Bullies She-Hulk bred to New England Gottiline's PhatBoy! Here is 508 Bullies Champion Talia of Next Level Bullies! Owned by @fizzo_love
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Great training session today! Triceps,chest and shoulders, I'm hitting the weights hard atm and loving everything about it. Calfs are also coming on quite well since the bulk, still need improving though. Also high intensity training is 100% the best way for me i just loving giving 110% into my workout everytime!!! Anyway keep it real guys 💪

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Yum good stuff 💕😍

Nếu như mà nói thật là cái tội nói thẳng, là cái lỗi nói dối thì mới nổi thì tao thà " chìm sâu dưới đáy đại dương, còn hơn mà sống mà xạo lờ để gây tai ương " .

#keepitreal #nah

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