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The power of the pose, then the reality 🤔👀 I'd love to look as toned as I do when I tense and pose but that would be so odd to walk around like that 😂 ... I'm still squidgy, belly still rolls when I sit down, I still eat chocolate and drink cocktails ( a lot recently 😏☀️) ... it's good to not take it all so seriously sometimes .. so here's a posing lesson for you .. stick it out, suck it in and hold 😲🍑💪🏽 #keepitreal

2 friends might not walk together for 2yrs but they could share funds together for 20yrs .. cc @iam_kelviinnn #keepitreal#🙏

Buenas..... Disse uma amiga minha hoje q a vida nao e um video game 🎮, nao tem stop and go back to the beginning..... tipo as coisas sao o que sao no momento.... #gimeneztravels #lifeOnlyOnce ##lessonlearned #gimeneztravels #bHappy #keepitreal #lifeOnlyOnce #enjoylife #keepeyesonstars

Crazy creative day. More to come!!! 😳🙏🏻👯 yes I'm wearing the same dress because mum/work life! #keepitreal

Not so #waybackwednesday But summer abs have been cancelled, and are rescheduled for next summer...til then...my amazing #6pack is on sale at every grocery store for 4.29... you're welcome 💁🏼#getyours #bread #carbs #summerfashion

The only difference between these photos is a couple of hours, a big delicious brunch, and a "less flattering" angle. Both unfiltered and unedited. Both me. Both real. Here's to loving ourselves at every angle and remembering that social media is mainly a place where people put their "best foot forward" so to speak. There is nothing wrong with that -- of course I typically choose to post photos I think are flattering. But I do so assuming that everyone knows we ALL are human and no one walks around looking "picture perfect" 24/7. Don't compare yourself to me or to your friends or to photos you scroll past online. Find the beauty in YOUR body and remember, there's NOTHING wrong with ANY angle of you or me.💛 www.kelseywells.com/app
#keepitreal #selflove #realvsreal #foodbaby #fitspo #fitspiration #fitmom #girlswithmuscle #fitchick #happy #healthy

When I get into work, the first thing I see are grown women and men carting around giant set pieces whether it'd be a giant painted styrofoam pretending to be a boulder or a piece of painted fiberglass gearing up to become impregnable armour. I tip my hat off to all of us who used to make cushions into forts and towels into capes and find danger in every corner of the house but always win in the name of all that's is good and right. Real is believing.
#keepitreal #realtalk #believe

Oh hey! Merry Christmas?🤷🏼‍♀️🎅🏽 It’s Chloe again if you couldn’t tell. We took the #preggo glam back down about 1000 notches. Just trying to #keepitreal for you ladies.😆 Even though this picture is pretty ordinary in a lot of ways, no glam, pajamas, heck the quality isn’t even that great… It does exactly what photography is intended to do. It captures a moment in time. This is the moment I said goodbye to my “only child” Duffy as I left for the hospital to get his little bro out. It was a bitter-sweet moment for me. I had spent the past 16 months of my life devoted to loving and knowing Duffy. It was a bond I had never experienced before, so profound. Bringing another little guy into the mix was intentional and planned, but also came with some mixed emotions and readjusting.
My experience bonding with Hunter was different than with Duffy. Everything about my boys is different so it’s no surprise that the evolution of my relationship with each would be different as well. The pregnancies, the births, the first moments and months, and now at 1.5 and almost 3 they continue to be entirely unique and I couldn't love them anymore. I’ve learned through nurturing and embracing the individually of my children that you can love them equally and entirely differently all at the same time. I share this with you because maybe you will relate or give yourself a break when you are “measuring” the experiences you have with each of your children. It is my belief that by seeing my children for who they are, I can love them wholeheartedly and help them navigate through life on the path they choose.
Thank you for joining me today and supporting @sexymamamaternity. It means the world to me. I'm truly humbled and grateful. I'll be around for a few more hours and will put a little slideshow up of my boys in stories. Giveaways will stay open for another 24 hours so make sure you've entered them all. I will announce on this page. Feel free to continue asking questions! I'll be around. ❤️


Träningsglädje är den bästa glädjen 🙌🏼😄💛

Old pic but eh I like it, remember you can't trust everyone, even if they seem like a nice person and your told they can be trusted, trust your gut because If you don't you will end up being stabbed in the back #keepitreal #fuckfakehoes

Good morning warriors☀
There is no day that is the same.
Don't squander it.
#youarenotpromisedtomorrow #loveandbeloved #keepitreal #englightenment

Trött och glömsk? Lite kanske, dags o fylla på med det som piggar upp☝️️ #salad #hummus #tiredandfocused #insideout #drivehome #chicken #spinach #bulgur #keepitreal

Privileged to be part of the Club Oscars Super Sunday launch happening this Sunday 02 July 2017. I'll keep you company from 6-7pm #KeepItReal

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