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#reddress Sábado de festival #eleganteficci56 dress by FAFA #keepitfabulous

Yesterday at the @skipsouthafrica Fashion Exchange with this lovely lady 😊🌸 #skipfx16 #KeepitSkip #keepitfabulous

From awhile ago, here's to trying bell sleeves for the first time! #maxxinista #curvycastingcall #plussize #keepitreal #keepitfabulous

How to boss the Sunday blues straight out the door:
Put on your disco pants. Sign up to some whack gym class. Preferably one where you have to dance. Smile at all the people who look at you weird because you're wearing disco pants.

She thought her outfit needed a little something. #keepitfabulous

Ame los enterizos de mi amiga la diseñadora @franfafa Dios la bendice siempre #keepitfabulous #pasionporcrear #maquillaje #mauriciolealpeluqueria

Some say you're only as cute as your dog ;) 😘 #havefunok #joiedevivre #kisskiss #keepitfabulous #nataliafitclub

Conociendo el Showroom de mi querida amiga @franfafa y es absolutamente FABULOSO como ella!!! Me enamoré de todo lo que diseña #keepItFabulous be #fafa


Throwing it back to last Thursday in loaded yoga when my nail varnish matched the weights! 😍😇 I really can't recommend trying new classes and mixing up your regime enough. Your body needs it. Your mind needs it. You might have fun, maybe feel silly, but that's ok.
#DOSOMETHINGDIFFERENT #tbtfitness #throwitback

Alarm set for 6am ready to get out for my early morning 10k. It was pitch black outside. I thought fuck that and rolled over.
This winter is not going to be easy. I resemble Sleepy more than I resemble Superwoman. That's all.
#winteriscoming #imonlyhuman

And that's all I ask for...💋🍷 #keepitfabulous #chillmode #makeitagoodone #peace #love #thatsalliask


And happy FriYAY! Make it count fabufitties x

Remember what I yapped on about the other day regarding fitness and beauty not being related? 🤣🤣--- @evening.standard talkin to yooooo!
Heres a mega example of fitness having jack all 😂 to do with beauty
#aboutlastnight with the gorgeous lot @wildbunchrun - properly hard session, especially after a week off running, but baby I'm back 👊🏻

This is exactly me... 💁

I H A T E D PE and Sport at school. I was made to feel like I was rubbish at it, the over selectivity and bitchiness of the "squads" got to me and my lack of hand/eye/ball/foot coordination left me feeling a wee bit embarrassed. But here I am now and I can't get enough of the stuff. 🤸🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️ I actually haven't banged on about this for a while but it's important so here goes:

1. Sport in schools is RUBBISH unless you've come out the womb holding a hockey stick. There needs to be 20x more inclusivity and diversity. Got it? Good.
2. If you went to a school where you too were often made to feel like you were silly and sub "B team" quality, don't let that shape your perspective on sport and fitness for the rest of your life. EVERYONE (yes even you!) has a place in sport, whether you feel like you're too fat, too thin, too mal coordinated, to nerdy, it's all nonsense. Go get yourself a pair of trainers and get out there 😋😋 .

Oh and happy hump day! X

Off to Ireland for the weekend ICYMI ✈️✈️ flights delayed (cheers @ryanair.official) so I've treated myself to a Leon Breakkie as a reward for getting up at the ungodly hour of 4am 😴 halloumi and avo muffin and even went for the kefir smoothie which... according to @theguthealthdoctor.. is super good for your gut! And it's quite yummy. Look out for kefir girls and boys. #nextbigthing

This #transformationtuesday try not to focus on your transformation in body image, that race to get a thigh gap or six pack, but focus on your smash-it-ability transformation. That's way more important. It's not about how it makes you look, but how it makes you feel, the killer ass is just a side effect.

#gymbabe #notamirrorselfie #loveyourself #loveyourbody

This girl can and just bloody did 🤣🤣🤣 Buzzing to have been granted official license to ramble and rant about fitness all day and night long! That's right, I'm a FITNESS INSTRUCTOR now 😳😳 .

I've still got a little way to go before i get my L3 nipped in the bud, but I've got a couple of clients ready to get started soon and am REALLY excited to share my plans soon for all-inclusive no-gym-required fitness classes across central and west London starting September.
If you're in central/west London and wanna get fit with me, hollaaaaaaaaa at your girl!! Let's keep it fabulous. Huge love. X

J u i c e m e b a b y

Kale, carrot, ginger, orange, can't remember what else, cold pressed cure in a cup right here to hopefully soothe my nasty as sore throat/cough and have me fighting fit again A S A bloody P.

FEELS ❤️ Come back from a wee 6 miler with a lot of love in me - for lots of people and for myself. One of those evenings. Was looking up for once (I'm always looking down when I run) and saw this. How lovely. X

S e x y t u p p e r w e a r #vibes

Quiche and salad is one of my absolute staple packed lunches. Whilst quiche might not be traditionally low in fat, they are bloody scrummy and usually pretty nutritious, especially served with a kick ass salad like this one (spinach, sweet potato, asparagus, tomato, avo) #yeahbaby

The birthday binge has come to an end with the grand finale of delivered pizza express 😋had a super splendid day thanks to amazing friends and family.
Now.. back to the grind tomorrow. I've had a week off running and all things fitness due to sickness last week so I'm really looking forward to getting back on the horse tomorrow 😏but also feeling pretty neg about it. I know it's going to be hard and I'd rather continue this lazy slob lifestyle eating shitty food and binge watching gossip girl. But realistically it's what I've got to do.m, and once I'm back in the swing of things I'll be absolutely fine and it'll all be worth it🤞🏼

Pit stop at the Corner House this morning on the way to work to pick up one of these surprisingly manageable @bumble_zest shots! Yesterday morning this was like rocket fuel and I'm hoping it's going to have the same effect today to plummet me into my birthday weekend and get my flu the fuck out!
Happy Friday you bunch of beauties!! ❤️❤️

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