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#reddress Sábado de festival #eleganteficci56 dress by FAFA #keepitfabulous

How to boss the Sunday blues straight out the door:
Put on your disco pants. Sign up to some whack gym class. Preferably one where you have to dance. Smile at all the people who look at you weird because you're wearing disco pants.

She thought her outfit needed a little something. #keepitfabulous

Yesterday at the @skipsouthafrica Fashion Exchange with this lovely lady 😊🌸 #skipfx16 #KeepitSkip #keepitfabulous

Ame los enterizos de mi amiga la diseñadora @franfafa Dios la bendice siempre #keepitfabulous #pasionporcrear #maquillaje #mauriciolealpeluqueria

Some say you're only as cute as your dog ;) 😘 #havefunok #joiedevivre #kisskiss #keepitfabulous #nataliafitclub

All of the wigs. Never thought I'd like green hair, but that green wig is kind of fabulous for dress up. #keepitfabulous #keepitclassy #keepitgreen🌿 #beautyinspo #runwaywigs

Conociendo el Showroom de mi querida amiga @franfafa y es absolutamente FABULOSO como ella!!! Me enamoré de todo lo que diseña #keepItFabulous be #fafa


Pretty close to mastering the crow pose which is quite exciting. I got so excited I finally wrote that blog I promised I'd write about THE BENEFITS OF YOGA FOR RUNNERS/SPORTSPEOPLE/ANYONE EVER 🙏🏼 Link in bio. #namaste

#thatfeelingwhen you know you've finally broken a 50 minute 10k - a concept that a few years ago I would have laughed at. Such a happy girl. No idea where it came from. This is why running rules. Thank you @runthroughuk for an amazing race.
Running is 100% the cure for me. There are very few things that bring me this amount of happiness and that's why I do all this work - not for the summer six pack (lol) or the killer backside. And I share these amazing experiences with the world to hopefully inspire at least one other person to come in the same journey that I'm on. It's one you won't regret. ✌🏼🙃🤞🏼

First time I've ever managed to get a mate to do a race with me. I was pretty excited about it, obviously. Thanks @harrytreanor - you're obviously my lucky running buddy as I just shaved a casual 3 minutes off my 10k PB and broke 50 mins. So chuffed and so nice to race with a dear old pal.
PS - get some new trainers. X

If your office breakout area looks anything like this 🍭🍫🍪🍬you'll either know how real the cravings are for chocolate digestives, or you won't care 😝and eat half a packet before lunch time. I forgot how hard resisting the cravings was. I love chocolate biscuits so much. But I'm determined to not get into the same glutenous habits as I was in this time last year.

I wrote some of my top tips for resisting the reach to the biscuit tin earlier this year. I'm gonna #linkinbio that shit right now. If anyone else has any pearls of wisdom please do comment below.
An "I thought I was recovered" snack-a-holic xoxo

Monday morning feels in @gemma_cousins_yoga wonderful class today!
I'm yabbering on a lot about yoga at the minute, especially yoga for runners. I think it's so important on so many levels - to properly engage with our muscles and our breathing being just to start with. I'm going to keep yabbering on about this over the week. Hope that's ok.
#namaste #keepitfabulous

Credit for the super duper sketch the wonderful: @gemmacorrell

Butternut, spinach, chickpea and feta pie for tea tonight 😋

Recovery dinner for the younger bro after a boozy week away on hols full of veggies and delicious nutrients 💯
Recipe courtesy of @bbcgoodfood aka my bible 🙏🏼

How to boss the Sunday blues straight out the door:
Put on your disco pants. Sign up to some whack gym class. Preferably one where you have to dance. Smile at all the people who look at you weird because you're wearing disco pants.

#abouttoday's run 🏃
Was reunited with Hyde Park and Kensington Palace Gardens, a place where I have run very happily (5k PB) and very miserably (usually about miles 15-17 of my marathon training). It was peaceful, there swans and geese and ponds and fountains, and owing to the shitty weather, not many people. Message do the day: run where you love - it makes the world of difference. X

50:50 Fitness? Am I a massive hypocrite because I do fitness 💪🏼and party 🍾at the same time? Naaaaah, and here's my thoughts on why you can and should absolutely do both! #linkinbio
I drink, I eat pizza 🍕 and mayonnaise, I smoke from time to time and I generally have a good time. I do these things and also love to keep fit, to eat well and to go for long runs. I'm not ashamed of either of my personalities. It literally goes both ways and that's ok!

I am truly madly deeply in love with my new garmin! Early birthday present 🎁 bringing me so much happiness on this drab day!

My #SESHOFTHEWEEK was #backontrack. Try and pluck up the courage to get yourself to a track near you, perhaps with a mate, and give this session a go! I promise you can do it and you'll feel 💯once you have!
Session was: 3 x 600m, walking/jogging the 200m in between. 3 lots of this, with a 5 minute rest in between sets. Try and keep your splits as consistent as possible, and if you can, kick and push on the final 200m of each effort #paceinjection

Thanks again for this fab session @londoncityac 😍✌🏼

Last weeks blog post ICYMI was all about why you should absolutely definitely join a running club. This evenings was one of those evenings where I proved myself right 🤓Here are my massive treats for Tuesday:
1. Finally seeing Southwark Park Track in all its glory (i.e. not a full on building site)
2. Getting back on a track that doesn't physically make me want to melt and smashing a session I didn't think I could do!
3. Reminding myself (again) of the absolute joy of training with a club. I forgot what difference it makes to be shouted at to go faster, stand taller etc. and to be running alongside a mixed bag of similar minds.
Feeling happy (if a little bitter that I don't live next door to this track anymore) - as you can see. Huge thanks to @londoncityac and @kingsaxc :) its great to be back ❤️💯🤞🏽

I dived into Friday headfirst this morning, giving TRX at @phiitlondon a go for the first time! Crikey, it wasn't easy, but highly recommendable. I'm going to bring TRX into my weekly work out regime for sure!
Hope you all have a wonderful joy filled weekend, make the most of the cooler temperatures and get out for a nice long run! 👊🏻or try TRX mayhaps!! 😏

This weeks blog (ICYMI) is about the sheer IMPORTANCE of finding a rad running club. I talk about my experience this week with @run.dem.crew but today I'm #tbt ing it to where it all began for me - my uni running club @kingsaxc.

When I started at university loads of things didn't go right. I didn't make friends, I didn't have the wild freshers, I was really quite bored and I had various home-life things to deal with. One day I searched "kings running" on Facebook, and this magnificent squad popped up to my rescue. I popped along, barely able to run a mile, and was welcomed to a wonderful ever growing family.
I can't wait to rejoin this tribe. You should join a crew near you too. Check out the blog - link is in the bloody bio. X

**NEW BLOG POST** ✌🏼Running in a tribe👊🏻 This post wasn't in my plan but I am feeling soooooo inspired and lucky to have been a part of this yesterday and to properly return to londons running community. This is at St. Paul's last night, in the pissing rain, having the time of my life with the truly brilliant @run.dem.crew and @davidruns and the cheetah elites. And now I URGE you to join a running club, even if it isn't as rad as this one.
Thank you to this amazing squad for making running fun again. I hope to see you all again very soon. ❤️

When your new running club has nightclub vibes, banging tunes and bloody wicked people. @run.dem.crew I'm in love.
Completely forgot what difference it makes to run in a pack. It's the most I've had fun whilst running (despite the fact I was running haaaard) in bloody ages. My legs worked harder. My heart worked harder. And I had a proper little natter too!
If you're not already part of a running club, change that immediately! I promise it will make such a difference to your training, your relationship with running and your LIFE. ❤️💯

So important to love where you run/exercise. Sometimes it's hard - that's the whole point - and therefore we need our environment to carry us, to want to keep on going. I'm loving my new turf at Ravenscourt Park, especially once the school run is over and done with and the scooter army has fled!
#parkrunning #londonparks #runlondonparks #goodvibes #slowrun #casualrun #takeiteasy #runningismedicine #keepitfabulous

One of my real takeaways from today's trip to @freefromevents was that the revolution on sugar is finally taking place. I don't have a problem with sugar, we all love it 😍 wine, chocolate, Percy pigs... 🐷 but there is tooooo much UNNECESSARY sugar in our diets and that is something that distresses me. So it was nice to see so much sugar free yet affordable stuff on offer today, as well as great ambassadors just educating the people on how much sugar we actually should be consuming.
Ketchup is a real fucker for sugar intake. We don't consider it sugary, but holy mama they Heinz load that stuff in. Brands like @realgoodketchup and their wonderful teams are thankfully combatting this.
I don't think we all need to go sugar free, but by lord we need to get a little bit more sugar conscious?! Sugar free food for thought 🤓more ramblings on my story woohoo!

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