Made this last night, it was my Valentine's day date....with art. I saw a cute couple laughing and she had one rose. Then i started seeing roses and couples everywhere. So I decided to start filming what I saw and talking to strangers, maybe even making some new friends @phoebe @classrage @tatdeleon Honestly I went from feeling like I was missing out by not having a date to remembering my feelings, why I started creating art years ago, to express something I felt. Song is on spotify btw -->
music is my girlfriend by @allmyfriendsarestars
video by @allmyfriendsarestars @amgroupny

Thank you! So grateful to share our music with the students at Gateway Community College and getting to collaborate with @iamshakuri @kobie_music @allmyfriendsarestars @gatewaynewhaven #allmyfriendsarestars

Pastor from my church wrote this Incredible book about how our bodies are special.. This is good for kids to have knowledge on Sexually abuse and how it's not right for someone to be allowed to take advantage of them.. Very inspirational.. The books called LETS TALK ABOUT IT. Find it on amazon.. by @lakeeshawalrondphd #letstalkaboutit @allmyfriendsarestars #allmyfriendsarestars @fcbcnyc

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