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#TBT to when the Shah's of Sunset joined us for drinks 🍹 See you tonight #AtwoodNY

I am full of light
I am full of shadows
Some days I feel it all
The slightest change in wind
The tone in another
The chill of rain coming from afar
The distance from someone
The mother's pain as she kneels at her son's grave
Some days all I can do is weep
Weep for others
Weep for me
Weep for all the moments that came and went
Weep for all the moments yet to happen
Weep for all the moments that never will be
In essence, this is who I am
My wounds, entry ways
My weeping, exit ways
If I know you
I have wept for you
I have felt your pain to some extent, whether near or far
I have carried it quietly, holding it still
And in silence, I have wept it away
This is not a glorious thing
This is not a thing to boast of
Something I have shamed
Something I have tried to bury
Yet, in its own way
This is my gift to the world
What I thought was a curse
My greatest strength
My skin, bound by compassion
My tears, soaked in empathy
This is how I write
This is how I create
This is how I love...
With everything in me
Taken by @everandanon
Scanned by @photovisionprints


Speeding towards the feeling

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When your friends are the coolest people at the fair.

Tic-tac-toe, three parks in a row.
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My cousins Lynn's roses - Ektar 100, Nikon 50mm f1.4

Favorite double exposure

Hello everyone, my talented girlfriend,@enlightened_concha, and I are proud to announce the first issue of our street photography zine, PASSERBY, which takes place in Venice Beach, California. In this zine you will find a wide compilation of our photographs taken mostly on 35mm film. We also included a page that displays the equipment and film we used. Copies of this issue are now available and for each one that we sell, half of the proceeds will go to a charity that promotes the arts! Support the photography community and #keepfilmalive! DM me for details.📸🎞 #35mm #zine #venicebeach

กิจกรรมนั่งรถไฟเล่นไปมาในสนามบินสิงคโปร์ ระหว่าง terminal 1 ไป 2 แล้วกลับมา 1 ใหม่ (ว่างจัด มาถึงสนามบินเร็วไป) #airport #changi #contax #contaxT

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