This is a must see! The small highlight of racial injustice within our “free” country is portrayed in a way that resonates with us all. #thehateugive #movie #solidA #gowatch #keepanopenmind

I can keep an open mind to the most seeming dubious things, until it becomes absurd. #keepanopenmind #imagination

Find out for yourself - ask questions; analyze; keep an open mind. Don't aasume everything you hear or read is accurate.


KNIGHT OF PUMPKINS "The knight of pumkpins is an ambitious, single-minded, responsible young man who takes no chances. He rides a heavy workhorse through a field, exercising dogged determination against potentially unyielding realities. The Knight will never give up, even if he knows his goals are holpless.
He gazes at the Pumpkin he weighs in his hand, carefully and methodically assessing his material advantages. His plodding ambition leads him forward, and the fiery imps on his horse's armor give him the energy to keep going." - kipling west karin lee tarot
Had this card jump out of the deck yesterday, too many connections have been made with just a single card. 🎃🏇 #Tarot #tarotcards #Connected #pumpkin #knight #horse #reality #weird #Hiddenmeaning #takenochance #determination #armor #mask #keepanopenmind

Happy #sundayfunday! And what an awesome start to the day with one of our @theglobalsmilemovement ambassadors Dr. Fa Sun bringing the movement to the Sydney Opera House (UNESCO World Heritage site) and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia 🇦🇺! Dr. Sun took the movement to a new level “Down Under,” spreading smiles with people and sea creatures alike in the world’s largest coral reef system/ one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
What makes Dr @fadengsun smile is good health, great food, and traveling with positive people!

So like our ambassadors, go out and #liveagreatstory and just like the turtle... #justkeepsmiling! 🐢 🐠 ✈️ 🇦🇺


So true. Some people will confirm their own bias no matter how much logic and fact you present them #keepanopenmind #openmind #stubborn

An open heart = An open mind 💗

It's so important to keep an open mind and accept what is, which sometimes can be less than desirable. I truly believe that it is equally important to keep an open mind to what could be and open to the possibilities the universe has in store. Today I open myself to the idea that I cannot control everything around me and that often that is a good thing. What would you like to open yourself to?
#whatisyourintention #yogawisdom #open #keepanopenmind #bluesky

I'm curious, what emotions do these images stir up in you? What do you feel the story is? I posted this set in some photography groups on Facebook and got such a mixed response. Mainly, people said it rubbed the wrong way and they treated the set like the plague. Perfect! Obviously, it's not meant to be peaches and cheese. The world sure as shit isn't. Art isn't always about the good. This session seems to be about the bad. Or maybe it's about the bad, but with an underlying message when the shots are paired in a sequence. Either way, art shouldn't be created just to please the masses. But please, I'm curious! Give me your opinions. 🖤🤓🖤

My weekend plans came to an abrupt end when I decided to leave my much anticipated family gathering and head home early. Spending time with my family of origin unaided by any substances or previous coping mechanisms was far more difficult than I had anticipated. I felt open and raw like a fresh wound working to heal. I could hear everyone so clearly. And I had thoughts on everything being said. But for the first time ever, I didn’t feel the need to comment. I just wanted to be back in my protective bubble.
I woke up in a tent this morning after a fitful night of sleep. Rain gently pelted the tarp we had hung above my campsite yesterday and I felt trapped in that 7’x9’ space. I had the same waking thought as I had when falling asleep: “I want to go home.” But I didn’t feel like I could go. I was overcome with “shoulds”. The reality though was that I’d worked my ass off the day before, I’d seen who I had come to see, and I really didn’t want to be there. I was overcome with emotion that I didn’t understand. Where was it coming from? Why was I feeling the urge to cry?
Once again in my recovery, I underestimated the space needed to heal. I had walked into a pit of triggers without even thinking that it might not be the safest place for me right now. I loved the people I was surrounded by but they were instrumental in my disease. Not in my recovery. So I gave myself permission to pack up and go. I made a support phone call, loaded my car, said my goodbyes, and proceeded to cry for 45 minutes of barreling down that rural Louisiana highway.
What I was experiencing felt distinctly like grief. The pain of loss. The emotional upheaval of a life in transition; shedding the years of being that did not serve me and growing into a person I can be proud to be. I have a lot to unpack and much work to do. But today I can be proud I made a sober choice for my own self-preservation. #234days #soberliving

Let‘s see what British LGBT Literature is all about!

#southbankliteraryfestival #writerslife #curious #keepanopenmind

All that we “know” is breaking down before our eyes. Old ways of being crumble at the presence of the truth - which is much vaster than anything we expected. When we judge, we need to look at the part of us who is judging and direct all our love onto this part. It is that part of us who needs to be understood, not what is in question.


I’m not one to normally work out in a crop top but when your @lekfit class starts at 80degrees and climbs from there 🔥 I’m grateful for my favorite brands for helping me feel great even when I’m sweating 💧#fittour #alwaysbeastudent #trynewthings #burnbrightdailey

Endless #possibilities

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