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Trying out making Jam and syrup with our #homegrown passion fruit.
Here is some of the benefits we found out reading on the net: "Passionfruit is rich in the water soluble antioxidant, vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. This vitamin helps the body gain resistance against infectious agents and pro-inflammatory free radicals." "passion fruit’s ability to prevent cancerous growth, stimulate digestion, boost immune function, improve eyesight, increase skin health, regulate fluid balance in the body, lower blood pressure, boost circulation, and improve bone mineral density." "it reduces signs of premature aging, lessens inflammation, improves sleeping habits, and eliminates asthma." @Regrann from @xbungarumputx - Its raining and was busy making #homemade jam and syrup using #homegrown passion fruit that we #grow at #kebunsetamanpejeng . I will name this ... passion fruit sunny Jam and syrup 😘 sunny jam and syrup on rainy days ... 🌞🌧🌬 - #regrann

Thank you All for today 💚🌎🌳 Clean up bali: Past Present and future #earthday collaboration program with Arma Museum, Sanggar Jepun Putih (denpasar bali), #cleanbaliseries and us #kebunsetamanpejeng .(23 Apr) | Special Guest: Pak Made Taro, Pak Gede, Tono Cruz.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Mohon maaf dari kami sekeluarga dan semoga bahagia di sisi keluarga di hari lebaran. Love from us in #kebunsetamanpejeng #bali

problem? nah...problem is solution... our farm looks so nice, green and beautiful in chaos! One of the reason why we make our raisedbed high, so that during rainy days, our beds won't get soak in... and looks like our swale works well in this rainy season.Some tips on making swale is to work your swale on rainy days, so its easy to see the water flows.. plus you can have fun in the rain. 😘🌧🌧🍃🌱

Flower power... Some of the flowers that we grow here at #kebunsetamanpejeng . Life is about living harmony with all the diversity that life it self offer, by appreciating all the differences .
photo by: @xbungarumputx

#permaculture #learningfarm

So this will be my first attempt on making a video blog or vlog... I'm not really good at talking infront of camera so i guess the edit helps make it less awkward 😂 lets hope with me regularly doing this video thingy it will improve my skills in explaning stuff verbally in front of camera or people.

Anyway im just trying possibilities of sharing #growingfood knowledge and it might be easier to show tips or process of #growingfood or anything involve in farm work thru video with discussion in it. I love writing short description of what we do in #kebunsetamanpejeng but i think its also good to explore new ways of sharing the knowledge or stories.... and also i guess nowdays younger people watch more videos on tutorial than reading it, so i hope with me doing this video might encourage more younger people learn more about growing food and not just watch it, but you know, go out, and get dirty and sexy in the sun y'all.

And the weedken comes to the end 🌻 Let's sleep well tonight in the darkness for a great Monday. Happy new moon everyone 🌚
#sunflower #ayumelatinature #🌻 #kebunsetamanpejeng

our 1st mulberry harvest at #kebunsetamanpejeng 💚


#lategram Hands on with DIY lesson on making your own tempe with bebe @jendelarumahkita , kombucha with asri & Andikha @agradaya , yogurt with sharon @brogo_permaculture_gardens and potting mix with wen and feny @fenyfy @emashitamindonesia. A happening diy session at @bringinomahlor

#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

#latepost #lategram Class were break in to two groups, one groups were out to see bamboo preservation and bamboo works and we stay with Steffen Wen @emashitamindonesia and the rest of the gentleman to finish up the banana circle and plant some plants such as cassava, papaya, vetiver grass and banana. *some photos credit to the participants of Bringinpdc

#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

day 7 ( 12 July) #lategrams Another site that we when visit on the #permaculturedesigncourse was to @bumilangit.official and Krisna shared the story how the farm starts small and slowly expanded. Its was a great place to visit as you can see the connection of all zones are all integrated in a whole designs, and we end the day with a nice relaxing discussion with Pak Iskandar that also shared his view on how permaculture connects with spirituality.
#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

day 7 ( 12 July) #latepost Sharing some photos from the site visit to Lily's Garden. A beautiful small and compact #permaculture garden that deal with critical issue such as lack of fertile soils and water. its interesting to see the creatively use of different level of land slopes and how she designs and work on the land in the senses of maximising the edges of the land itself to use as area of growing food and combine water catchment and grey water around the farm. Also she use small and slow solution for example how she allow time to develop the growth of soils and work on zone by zone in the garden.
#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

@kspejeng X @omahapik.pejengbali

Make Your Own Tamarind & Turmeric Drink
Date : July 29th, 2017
Venue : Omah Apik
Time : 10am-12pm
IDR 200,000/pax

Tamarind & Turmeric or Kunyit Asam is a popular herbal tonic in Indonesia. It has been used for ages and believed to improve the well-being, energy levels, increasing the metabolism as well as blood circulation. Medicinally, turmeric is now known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory quality. In this workshop, you will learn about the story of this exceptional ingredient, how to grow turmeric at home, optimizing the benefits of turmeric and tamarind, as well as making the tasty tonic according to the Javanese recipe. Using the freshly picked produce from our community garden in Pejeng, it will be a short and useful workshop to enrich your experience in Indonesia's herbal tradition.

Day 5 Getting more intensive on learning design in permaculture where all participants were asked to work in group, and was taken on site which the lesson tasks is to add in the understanding of the 12 principle of permaculture, the understanding of zone & sectors analysis and to apply in a group design based on the actual site. Designs are also made based on few requirement of features that needs to be included.

This is a good way to see different ways of people approach to designing in looking at one land, and how creatively permaculture can be explore in many ways.
#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

Day 4: Process of learning zones and sectors in #permaculture designs. Here we learned the importance of planning the zone, to see which area that are most active, and less and see how each zone should all be integrated in the designs even the element or structure we put in are at different zone. the key to good design is to make sure that all zones despite have a different functions or purpose they are all connected and integrated as a whole rather than each role has its own functions.

#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

Day 4 (9 July) Presentation of design based on our imagination land combine with patterns collected from nature... omg..sorry for that lil distraction from that little @gangchaos 🙈🐒 #jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

#latepost Day 4 (9 July) one of the early stages of learning design in permaculture is to observe nature pattern surrounds us. John explain there are five types of common pattern use in designs; spiral which we normally see such as in shells, the branching pattern such as trees, serpentine for example in land contour of rice paddy fields, the scattered pattern, and the key hold. This is a good lesson before starting the real work on real site designs, is to 1st used our imagination and also to recognise some of the pattern of nature.
yes... this is some wild design huh 😂 anyway.. its good lessons to see how imagination combines with the 12 #permaculture principles with inspiration from nature pattern can be explore and later. The important part of making a desig n is in the 7th of #permaculture that is 'designs from pattern to detail'

#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

Day 3 exploring the surrounding and use observation to also relate with the 12 #permaculture principle and identified plants, and how trees grows.

#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

Day3 #latepost Krisna @bumilangit.official talks about trees. Session where we explore the surrounding area @omahlor to learn more how trees grow. here a short video about how trees grown in staking of space and staking of time. #microclimate #permaculturedesigncourse

#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

#latepost on Day 2 we also learn about microclimate, and here is a short outdoor session, what they call caterpillar. this is to experiance micro climate with eyes close to feel the surrounding area using other senses.
#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #yayasanbringin

photo credit: @bringinomahlor

#latepost for day 2 (7th July 2017) #permaculturedesigncourse at @bringinomahlor Learn to know and familiarise with terms that will be use throught this course and for future use such as biomass, biomie, unity factors, ecotone etc. Here John showing us progress of his farm @brogo_permaculture_gardens earthworks and the use of principle of #permaculture

#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood #urbansolutions

Day 1 #permaculturedesigncourse end today with the class discussing indepth about the three ethics and 12 principle of #permaculture . for me personally it really borden up the understanding about permaculture in a more constructive way and relating on what we have done so far... since my experiances is based on self taught and had never been in pDC before, It good to refresh back, and relearn and to understand more about permaculture thru self research, readings, trial an error, and hands on for the past few years of #growingfood and involving our work with people, and community. with attending this course it just make more senses on the missing lines and help us connect the dots in our understanding about permaculture. - #farmerdiary @xbungarumputx
#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood

Day 1Two of our teachers today for the #permaculturedesigncourse John @brogo_permaculture_gardens and krisna @bumilangit.official We start lesson about the brief history about permaculture and how it came about, the concept and idea about permaculture, then we look in depth more on the ethics and principle of permaculture.

Its interesting how both teachers facilitate the discussion for example john explanation are more on a bigger example of each permaculture ethics&principles and krisna add in to point out details that are more related on local indonesian context.
#jogjakarta #permaculturedesigncourse #jogjapdc2017 #indonesia #kebunsetamanpejeng #regenerativeagriculture #growyourownfood

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