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We finally managed to snorkel Kealakekua Bay, aka the Captain Cook Monument, and can report that all of the great things people say about it are true!

Jo & I signed on for a kayak-based tour with an outfit called Adventures in Paradise, and our guides, Patrick & Ben, were fantastic. The video here provides a snapshot of our experience...

We started from a small landing immediately in front of the Captain Cook Monument.

This first underwater shot provides a look at the remarkable clarity of the water & I love that the fish pretty well ignored us. Really the only limit in visibility along the coral shelf itself were zones where fresh water was seeping into the Bay, creating Predator-like ripples of distortion under the surface.

This second underwater shot starts with a look at a beautiful Bluefin Trevally, which is known locally as Omilu. In now our fourth year of visiting Hawaii, this is the first time I've seen one of these. Then the shot pans over to reveal a whole bunch of what I believe were Brown Surgeonfish, Black Durgon Triggerfish and Yellow Tang.

In addition to the fish, the underwater features were phenomenal. Many different fish were working this fallen boulder, including a school of what I believe were Goatfish just behind it.

I'm not sure if this was the same school of Goatfish I spotted near the boulder or a different one, but this is another species I encountered for the first time at Kealakekua Bay.

This final shot shows how the cliff face that defines the Bay just continues right into the water. It was so amazing to see this, with the light hitting the rocks just so, from under the surface.

If you find yourself on the #BigIsland, I'd highly recommend a snorkel tour of #KealakekuaBay. And I'd go for the 7am slot, which is what we did. It gets you to the Bay before all of the other tour groups, and the water is typically clearest in the early morning. I'm told that you're also much more likely to see dolphins in the morning, though we didn't spot any on this trip.

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It’s hard to describe, that moment of making eye contact with an intelligent being of another species. You can see the curiosity and awareness in their eyes and it changes you. Humans are not the only creatures that deserve a home on this small planet and it’s damn time we start learning to share. 🌏💙 #clicheornot #itsthetruth #protectwhatyoulove

Planned to go #snorkeling but went #snuba instead.
People that know me will know how much I love seeing animals and wildlife 💜💚❤️ So this was one of my favourite adventures in #Hawaii
There were SO MANY beautiful tropical fish and coral. Next time I must bring my own waterproof camera!!! 📷
#fairwindii #kealakekuabay #hawaiiisland

In case you haven't heard, #yobagels are now at @holuakoagardens Cafe! #yum #everything #bagels #holuakoa

Mother Nature will always be the ultimate #artist. And where we go to find our #inspiration. 🌊💙 #oceaninspired #dolphinlove #newdesignscomingsoon

Amazing afternoon in Kealakekua bay, and then this beautiful guy shows up for us to see! #whaleshark #kealakekuabay #snorkelhawaii #sailingyacht #seaparadisehawaii Picture credit thanks to: Captain Tony and First Mate Alex ✨✨

People were snorkeling with manta rays just off the shore 🌊
. . .
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Yesterday was packed with adventure! 🌿🌴⛈
. . .
#haWAIi #vacation #kealakekuabay

not the most graceful

Kealakekua Bay💚#kealakekuabay #lovehiking

🇺🇸 #KealakekuaBay #Hawaii 🤙🌺Checking our the #BigIsland with 2 fantastic people

Big Island of Hawaii - So beautiful in so many diffrent ways 🌺 #hawaii #bigislandhawaii #kailuakona #kealakekuabay #travelling

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