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7/21 - 7/26 Tampa, FL

7/27 - 7/30 DC & VA

7/30 - 8/2 Chicago
8/2 - 8/6 SLC

8/6 - 8/12 Western state road trip
8/13 - 8/20 SLC

8/21 - 8/28 LA

I'd love to hang out with you guys so say hi if you're in town!

Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it.😉🙈💋
Model 💄 @jessmclements
Photo 📷 by @jesseherzog
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Sometimes you get have a princess flower bun. And that typically means good things. 🌺
Shot by @jelaniwoods

"Private session" online/tease sector 🎧🎼
#pierre_man photography
#girlisherself Gala
Stylist: Camille Intérnoscià
MUA: @stephaniejaquet

🦅 Love her but leave her wild //·/ @cheyycox 💀 @gypsyvibesart

J e s s i c a D a v a.

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Has the world gone mad, or is it me?

💦| @adrh11

Rooftop vibes at my studio with @hazel.mar1e 🌺🌸📸

By : @alisoltanimoghadam 👽

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good 💀



По поводу естественности и раскрепощения моделей на съемке. Со взрослыми нужно, как с детьми. 😄 Разговаривать, спрашивать, предлагать что-то сделать. И снимать это действие. 📷 Во время действия скованность обычно уходит. Заранее иметь в голове какие-то сюжеты для кадра. 📝 Закутаться в палантин, покружиться, прижаться к мужу или дочке, протянуть ребенку игрушку, пощекотать брата/сестру, щепнуть на ушко секретик и т.п. Очень помогает, когда у моделей есть что-то в руках, поскольку и взрослые, и дети часто не знают, куда деть руки. 🖑 #ttetereva_про_съемку

Mental illness is a disease😔 you're not less of a woman or less of a man because you struggle controlling your thoughts. Let's help each other by minding our own, let the loner be lonely if that's what she/he chooses. Let the loud be loud because maybe their minds are louder. Always choose love, i know it's not easy because some people are harder to love. It's not because they're unloveable, but because maybe they never really felt loved. We all feel loved in different ways, if you don't believe me look up the 5 love languages, Great book 👍🏽 #ripchesterbennington 😔 much love guys ✌🏽❤️💛💚

Pc: @thomasdphotographs

Don't usually have my hair parted in the middle but I'm kinda digging it now, thanks Dani 😸

Photographer: @danidiamondphotography
H&M: @verolivia26
Mother Agency: @omegamodels

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