Can’t talk to myself cause mama said don’t talk to strangers.. 📷: @spitefulcheerio

All My friends ask me why I stay strong
I Tell em when you find true love it lives on
It is almost that time to start Goddess. I have been over this soo many times in my head and planned everything out. Have all the number is line, the look is set up and everything is comfirmed. Ya'll are about to witness the most unique and creative soul. Even though there are a few haters out there that dont understand the true love between woman and machine, I'm just going to roll past them to the stage to get my trophies 🤗😊 on the way there. Who's ever got a garage and wants to work together, im very down, if not ill be showing progress I believe on youtube. Lets make it happen!
#goddessproject #kiasoul #kdm #cargirlsonly #getwrecked #onceyouseethewheelsissawrap and also #issawrap thats going on her not paint lmao

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