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This is a glimpse of my future daughter for sure...
“...And that’s lunch!” 👧🏻🧠📋 🍕🍔 #ChildPsychologist #plus #Foodie #and #PrincessOfSass 🤣😂 @kcstauffer

Day two of Toy Fair NY is underway and look who paid us a visit: Tiny princesses (but HUGE instagram stars) Emma & Mila with @kcstauffer 😻😻 If you are here: booth 6321; that’s where the action is! 😉🎸🤘🤘 #tfny #kcstauffer

I really love her!! Hahaha #Repost @kcstauffer with @get_repost
It’s about valenTIME for a new Mila video! #kcstauffer

As you can see these two are busy at work😂😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔#kcstauffer

The best statement it would be for valentines ! 💁

Perfect explanation of what coffee is for coffee lover❣️🤩! #kcstauffer #adorable #coffeelover #coffeeaddict #ineedcoffeenow ☕️

😂❤️ She kills me!
Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who’s ever been shot by Stupid’s (I mean Cupid’s) arrow.
I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences in regards to relationships. I have seen friends and family in loving, nurturing marriages as well as those who were destroyed by their significant others. My own heart has suffered some big cracks and I’ve ended relationships knowing I was hurting another person in doing so.
Why do some people throw in the towel while others are willing to try again? I can’t answer for everyone but I find myself in the latter category. I am completely comfortable by myself but I find that I am more content when I feel I am a contribution to someone else’s happiness. I’ve had friends and family say “I don’t want you to get hurt.” Well, duh! Neither do I!!! No normal person enters a relationship with the hopes of it ending badly. My response is “What if I don’t?” A new relationship is strangely similar to the good old “Hold my beer” or “Hey y’all! Watch this!” phrases. You have to be willing to go for it, enjoy the wild and crazy journey and pray you land on both feet. The bravest thing you’ll ever do is love again.
I’m obviously no expert but here’s a little insight from a heart that’s been bruised and cracked but refuses to break.
Trust God’s plan.
Support each other.
Give each other space.
Learn how you and they need to be loved.
You can’t change anyone.
Give your exes a second chance (with someone else). Don’t dwell on the past.
Jealousy is toxic.
Be honest.
Don’t take advantage.
Fight fair.
Communicate. Talk about everything.
Forget your heart was ever broken.
Don’t take one other for granted.
Have fun together. Laughter and humor are immensely important.
Be proud of each other.
Take care of each other.
Make time for each other.
Pray for each other.
Spoil them with kindness and love.
Help each other with chores.
No one is perfect.

Small gestures mean a lot.
Give freely.
Love unconditionally. ❤️ https://www.facebook.com/overourwall/videos/2091660307715266/ #toocute #mila #valentinesday #kcstauffer @kcstauffervideos

Mila is back with a message for Valentine's Day. 💖
#ValentinesDay #regram_app #kcstauffer #iamzoie #jokes #Netflix #commitment #hallmark #love #tacos

Happy valentime’s day 😂❤️
#repost #kcstauffer #valentimesday #respostapp

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😄😁#mila#kcstauffer#valentinesday#funny#hallmark

- perfectly defined a day called as valentine day.. ( I call it as wensday ) 😎🔥

A little Valentine’s Day humor by Mila. ❤️💋 “People call it Valentine’s Day, I call it Wednesday” 🤣😜 #kcstauffer #milastauffer #valentinesday #love

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