有練撞球🎱還是有好處的...印度、土耳其、希臘😉#uk #vaslerlifestyle #London #kcl

Save the date for our first social of the year on Thursday 27th of Sep! We can’t wait to see you all at the Vault (Bush House -1 SE Wing) to celebrate the beginning of the new term. 🌐

Everyday our actions make a difference. I didn't intentionally dedicate myself to going plastic free, it just kind of happened after getting fed up of hearing about our planet drowning in plastic.

Everyday I'm trying to make better choices, be more mindful, be a better role model. Bringing my own cup has been a funny little life changer. I don't always want to carry around a big heavy bottle, so I take advantage of getting my cup refilled wherever I can. People usually find it cute and odd and sometimes it sparks brilliant conversation. When you travel a lot, single-use plastic seems practically unavoidable - but there ARE things we can do to avoid it. Get a tin travel cup (it's a small investment and easy to carry) and see just how many water bottles and plastic drinking cups you save on.

Also, read this book by @_willmccallum it's got wonderful advise whether you're just starting your plastic free journey or have been on the wagon for a while <3

An exciting few days for HHA in Uganda as we implement the CRADLE project in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, mainly hosting DRC refugees. Over 70 clinical staff across 4 health centres equipped and trained in last few days. Great partnership with @kings_college_london & @unhcruganda - visit our website for more info on CRADLE. #nakivale #unhcr #refugee #refugeeswelcome #DRC #uganda #CRADLE #KCL #vitalsigns #bloodpressure #heartrate #maternity #preeclampsia #hypertension #healthcare #communityhealth #clinic #teamwork

And so it begins... 🤓📚 #kcl #masters

Aleena, our secretary, is a warm and gentle creature who is often labelled as the fake maknae of the group - this is no surprise as she is the human personification of a hot chocolate. However, she is definitely not afraid to get low and shake her booty when the situation arises. Her elegant dance skills are an asset to the society as well as her bravery in taking on committee’s most hated tasks. Be it navigating the perilous room booking system or taking minutes of our tiring meetings, without her we wouldn’t get anywhere, literally. •

Name: Aleena Hasan
Position: Secretary
Course: English 3rd Year
Fave groups/artists: F(x), Shinee, NCT, Monsta X, Red Velvet, BTS, Sunmi (to name a few)
Fave K-drama: Sassy Go Go

Fact Attack: •Hobbies include dance, cosplay, fashion and saying 'wow look at the moon!'
•Can communicate in english, stan twt, obscure vine references, and poor attempts at reading basic korean
•Krystal is the loml but catch me crying in the club over Lee Taemin
•Aggressive Girl Group Supporter
•Always down to learn any and every dance and subsequently embarrass myself in public
•Does Bigbang's 'boys over flowers' parody count as a first kdrama experience?
•2NE1's I Am The Best was my anthem before i even knew what kpop was
•Stan Loona
#kclhallyu #kpop #kcl #wearekings

My new uk life have been started.
#uk #london #kcl #kingscollegelondon #大学留学

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