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When I picked up this book I wasn’t anticipating to come across one of the most interesting novels I will ever read. Its nuanced and unexpected playing host to female characters as they should be written. It is a must read for everyone.
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Okay, I’m having a busy week. Excited to be going back out to Los Angeles for the LA Times Festival of Books this weekend- I’m doing a panel on Sunday, so if you’re around USC on Sunday, 4/22, come on out. Link in profile. Image is a flyer the incomparable @jessamodeo put together for the Santa Monica reading in November. #theanimators #kaylaraewhitaker #losangelestimesfestivalofbooks #latimesfestivalofbooks @latimesevents #bookstagram #books

Tuesday 4/10, Lexington, KY - I’m reading at @carnegiecenterlex with Richard Taylor and J.D. Daniels as part of the Kentucky Great Writers series. Gorgeous poster courtesy of @cricketpress -#kentuckygreatwritersseries #lexingtonky #carnegiecenterlex #kaylaraewhitaker #theanimators

“I spent years trying to outrun myself, Mel says. Trying to make enough noise to drown myself out. It makes me ashamed to admit this. But it’s okay to let yourself catch up. It’s okay if you work to catch up to the things that have happened to you. You do it for yourself. But also for the people around you. The people who deserve to experience you, undiluted, honest. Your genuine self, given to them.”
“Children learn it. Boys, but more often, and more closely, girls. When girls learn it, they learn it for the rest of their lives, inventing two separate planes on which they exist--the life of the surface, presented for others, and the life forever lived on the inside, the one that owns you.”
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The book knocked the fucking wind out of me. Raw, real, and supremely entertaining. #theanimators #kaylaraewhitaker #bookstagram

I usually like to use show tickets for my bookmarks. The size and weight of paper is👌 so here are some with two more books I want to read for this year’s #tournamentofbooks #tob2018
Day 14. Bookmark.
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In all honesty, I highly recommend skipping this review because THE ANIMATORS is one of those books that is best read with no background and no expectations. The one thing I will say -- give this book a chance. It might not be for you, in which case, all you have to do is stop reading it. But you'll never know if you don't pick it up, and if you pick it up, you might find out it is the type of book that steals your heart. I guess you could say that for all books, but I find this book criminally underrated, so I felt it needed to be said. Full review is on Goodreads, some thoughts below. If you have read the book, let me know what you think. Happy Friday everyone! ✌🏽
My review is simple: all the stars, all the hearts. Sharon and Mel, the protagonists, are animators, best friends, and business partners. They are unapologetically hungry; hungry for love, acceptance, success, experiences. Their ambitions and desires propel them and derail them in different ways because they are very different people. But their passion is what binds them together--and how rare, to read about two women who push and pull each other up, who are unafraid to want, who contend with their ambitions and all the messiness that comes with following your dreams at all costs. Their friendship is one for the ages. People talk of the "mystery" of female friendships, but Whitaker strips away any mystery and invites you to witness first-hand all the nuances of love. Sharon and Mel are probably one of the best depictions of best friends that I have ever read.
For fairness sake, I will mention that sometimes the pacing is hit-or-miss. It will slow down for a few chapters and then pick up at break-neck speed. And a lot happens—I still don’t know how she fit everything in. But it is incredibly assured. Whitaker has created stories so real that I'm convinced I'll run into Sharon or Mel any day now. .
*I reread this a few weeks ago because @casebounder was reading it and it made me want to see if the reread lived up to my first love. It does.

A few of the quick unedited pictures of books about to be featured on my @tangledintext account and that are also officially in the library up for grabs starting tonight!!! Go check them out and let me know what you think!

Also what kind of books do you want to see more of in this little free library?
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Wow, so I snuck a final book into my February reads and it ended up being my favorite of the month. Kayla Rae Whitaker's The Animators is a book I picked up from BOTM last February, and then foolishly waited a year to read. I loved it, five stars.
Love the crazy tight-knit friendship (despite all its flaws), love the strained family relationships (despite alllll THEIR flaws), love the creative prose and the amazing way Whitaker describes the animation projects Sharon and Mel create. I want to see them so badly in real life!
This book pulled me in from the beginning and then kept the pace in surprising ways throughout. I'm so glad I finally took it off the shelf. Hats off to #theunreadshelfproject2018!

A book with a cover you hate #readharder2018 (seriously, this cover is just awful)

Struggling to get through this book but persisting for some reason #theanimators #kaylaraewhitaker #books #fiction #reading #bookstagram

Literary totes, cat totes, Yay! magnets, and book club books: what magic you can find in just this one little corner of our Five Points shop! •••
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Have you read The Animators yet? If you haven’t, you really should! It’s a great book about female friendship, the life of an artist and the heavy blows that life will deal you. The only tiny tiny downside to the book was part of the ending. I won’t spoil it, but if you’ve read it, talk to me in the comments! I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was amazing. She did such a great job with the accents and the raspy voices of Mel and Sharon that these characters really came alive for me. This novel does pack a punch, so be warned that you’ll feel all the feels while reading it. .
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The Animators: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫
The Animators tells the story of two women, Mel and Sharon, who meet in college and go on to become a successful animation team. Sharon narrates as they work, live, fight, succeed and fail together for over a decade, using first Mel's then Sharon's traumatic childhood stories as the basis for their best work.
While I never found either character altogether likeable, they both were definitely realistic and relatable in important ways. The book explores a lot of interesting questions about friendship, family, addiction, identity, and art--things like, who has the right to tell a true story? Where do children pick up the shadows they'll carry around as adults?
The Animators was a much bigger story than I expected--honestly I think with very minimal editing it could easily be two or even three novels--and it definitely tries to do a lot. Ultimately, I didn't really mind, and actually particularly enjoyed the reflective turn things take towards the end, as an increasingly older and wiser Sharon continues to narrate.
Altogether, a solid debut novel, that ended up being much richer than I anticipated! Have you read it? What did you think?

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