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goooooooood morning world ☀️
✨ NEW VLOG ALERT ✨ there's a new vlog up on my channel (link in my bio) - it's basically a day in the life showing how I balance work/uni/social media/social life/working out etc and it includes a killer upper body burner pull workout 🙌🏼🤗❤️
hope you enjoy it! ✨
Self-cropped hoodie is from @womensbest #womensbest 🐬

Booty progress!
- I started working out and bulking in October
- Yes, I've also learn how to make my bed. Only 50 people have made that joke 👏🏽
- If you like June more then feel free to leave this post since I plan on growing this 🍑😌
- I posted all of the exercises that I do on my account so please check out of all my captions before asking me what exercises I've done 😶
- I eat 2400-2500 calories every single day (I also posted What I Eat In a Day not long ago)
- My diet is nowhere near perfect. I love my pizzas and Oreos
- I do legs twice a week and abs once a week
- I currently weight 60kg/132lb
- I'm 1'75m / 5'9" tall
Hope that answers some of your questions but feel free to ask anything!
Progreso de 🍑!
- Empecé a entrenar y a comer de más en octubre de 2016
- Y si, por fin he aprendido a hacer la cama. Solo 50 personas han hecho esa broma hasta ahora
- Si te gusta más como estaba en junio entonces te invito a que abandones este post porque voy a seguir haciendo lo que quiera con MI cuerpo 🤗
- He puesto todos los ejercicios que hago en posts anteriores así que antes de preguntar por los ejercicios que hago, echadle un vistazo a mis fotos antiguas
- Como de 2400 a 2500 calorías diarias (también hice un post sobre lo que como en un día)
- Mi dieta no es 'perfecta'. Me encanta la pizza, las Oreo y los huesitos 😍
- Entreno piernas 2 veces por semana y abdominales 1 vez por semana
- Peso 60kg y mido 1'75m
Espero que eso responda a vuestras preguntas pero si tenéis alguna duda preguntadme en los comentarios 💕

Any final guesses before I reveal the names? 🤔😆❤

Toast party! Yes or no? 🐻
Dedicating this post to sweet Lin @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie, who shares the love of making cute toasts with me 💝

Yamyammm😋🍉danke Kayla für das Smoothie-Bowl Rezept. Perfekter Nachmittagssnkack🥝😋 Alle Rezepte findet ihr hier
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A lot of you may look at the picture on the left and think "goals"
I used to absolutely think this too, until I realised that having that body was not something I could maintain 🙅🏽
I'm sure you've seen lots of fitness bloggers talk about the benefits of eating more. In the picture on the left, I was super super lean, with hardly any body fat. But what did that cost me? I was tired a lot, I was hungry all the time, I would workout 6 days a week religiously but wasn't eating enough to fuel my body. I felt weak during my workouts, and even though I was fit, I wasn't strong. I actually remember being ill for about a week after taking this photo!
What I'm trying to get at is, me on the left is unsustainable. You train so hard to look a certain way, but then your goals change and in my case, life changes. Moving away from home has been such an amazing experience, but if I'm totally honest, really stressful. It's had an effect on my diet, my workouts and my life in general. I ate and drank pretty badly the first few months here as I was missing home. My workouts were fairly sporadic and I found it hard to stay motivated.

I would love to say from eating more I've gained loads of muscle (and I've definitely gained a teeeeeny bit) but in general I've gained a fair amount of fat 😕 Obviously, you can't control where the food you eat goes. I now have rolls when I sit down, a lot of my clothes don't fit or are very tight, and my abs certainly don't pop like they used to. Instead of this bothering or upsetting me, I'm embracing that my body is changing this way and enjoying my new journey 💪🏻
I'm slowly starting to see some gains from weight training (but this takes time 🙏🏻) and I'm starting to feel SO much stronger and more confident now 🤗 I'm loving that I can eat what I want and when I'm hungry. I'm loving that each time I go to the gym I can lift heavier weights 💪🏻 So don't be afraid of your body changing 😚💛 #bodyconfidence #screwthescale #girlgains #foodisfuel #gainingweightiscool

Which fruity topping do you chose? Strawberry, dragonfruit, banana, or figs?🤗💕

🥞 vegan crêpes topped with chocolate sauce, nuts and berries for breakfast today 😊🍫
👉🏻 the recipe is on my blog now ! - Link in bio☝🏻😊
Where are the chocolate lovers ?! 🙋😁
🌸Have a wonderful weekend my dears 😘❤
☀️Guten Morgen ihr lieben ☺️❤
Heute gibt es bei mir diese einfachen veganen Crêpes mit Schokosauce, Nüsse und Beeren @foodspring zum Frühstück 😍👌🏻
📝👉🏻 Das Rezept habe ich jetzt auch auf meinem Blog gepostet für euch 😊 (Der Link zum Blog ist oben in meiner Bio👆🏻)
Und weil ich jetzt fix los muss, mache ich es mal ganz kurz und wünsche euch einen schönes Wochenende 😘🤗❤😁

🙋🏻 How many of you guys look like the right on the stair master?

For so many years, this was me for an hour and a half on the stairmaster. When I get tired, I get lazy and start leaning over, supporting myself on the hand rails, and going through the motions of moving my legs. I see people all of the time doing this too, putting all their weight onto the stairmaster in various positions with horrible posture!

But even though you are "working out," having bad posture while doing so can hurt your neck and back for the long run, and also minimize your workout results because you're not fully using your body and targeting the right muscles. It doesn't matter if you can go faster or longer if you compromise your back and your posture!

My new philosophy on cardio machines is to only go as long as I can keep good posture. It's perfectly ok to stop and take a rest if you start getting tired and look like the right photo! #caligirlgetsform #stairmaster #cardio #cardioworkout



Keep going, don't you dare touch a scale, eat more protein, probably eat more in general, let life take its course, and YOU WILL BE REWARDED. I've never been as laid back about food as I am now. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear your body plateaus or bloats from stress and hyperawareness. Thanks for the kind lighting to assist my flex, mr. gym. Done with week 19! Booooooyah @kayla_itsines #sweat

( Warning this shit is long af ) 🙄

As a child growing up i use to watch animal planet and discovery channel everyday space nasa shit and steve irwing was my favorite i wanted to be a crocodile hunter and explore the amazon fores and other similar shit like that so when i first heard of how animal products destroy the planet and the treatmeant this animals go through back in 2009 it just clicked in my head that not eating meat was the right thing to do and that i HAD TO drop my chicken nuggets from mc donalds habit do you get the correlation here 😹

#fit #wslf

I keep seeing a ton of posts who can't believe they have come so far in 12 weeks. If we do the same thing with the next step and just keep chugging imagine where we will be in the next 12. Dream and believe!

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1. Happy Birthday @nikkirk7!!! (I really wanted to bring party hats today, but I totally forgot--- this will have to do 😋)! I had so much fun celebrating YOU! Glad our paths have crossed through this crazy thing called instagram❤️
2. Thanks to @soulcycle Culver City for having us-- it was a BLAST! Who knew birthday parties as an adult would mean taking a morning spin class!
3. Shoutout to the oh so amazing @yogarida for one heck of a class! For reals though-- such an amazing instructor, if you've never taken a class with her, do yourself a favor and sign up! She is amaze-- she exudes strength, power, and positivity! And she is the smiliest instructor around😀 you can't help but leave her class not only dripping in sweat but feeling ready to take on the day!
4.The sweat sesh was real. I was seriously drip drip dripping 💦
5. My arms are gonna be sore tomorrow. Whenever we do weights I'm like 😫😰💪🏼
6. The music today was 👌🏽 @thechainsmokers ✖️ @badgalriri
7. Shoutout to @freskincare and @silverfernbrand for sponsoring my girls bday ride!
8. I always say this, but how wonderful to be surrounded by such amazing women-- Giving their all with every pedal stroke. I can't help but look around and smile at these friendships that have been made. It makes my heart happy.
9. Soul cycle ride take away # 1: It's never too late to do what you love. It's never too late to be happy. It's never too late to go after your dreams.
10. Soul cycle ride take away # 2: YOU ARE STRONG. YOU ARE POWERFUL. YOU ARE CAPABLE.
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Saturday nights are for friends and laughter 💕🙃 Taking the time out of your week to spend time doing something with people you love is so important. Remember to rejuvenate yourself for the week ahead!

@Regrann from @londonpaleogirl - Tasting Menu Dinner @platform1.london 🍴One of the dishes I had last night deserves a very big shout out. I wouldn't usually choose red meat but this was part of the tasting menu. Omggggg the flavour of every simple part of this dish was mouth watering!
Platform 1 is a permanent pop-up restaurant in East Dulwich, fresh, seasonal, creative 5 course tasting menu that happily made my gluten and dairy free, operating on semi-permanent kitchen rotations. Worth the visit for something a bit different for sure. 💖
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I had an amazing time celebrating this gorgeous mom-to-be! I may have indulge a little when @toppotdoughnuts @derumarket cake and @ladyyum macaroons were present! It was a bit hard to resist temptation! I didn't indulged on everything but I didn't have a little bite! Moderation is everything!

It's been a journey guys 😄 Here's 5 🖐🏼 tips for anyone wanting to start their own fitness journey
▪️Eat as much as possible while trying to burn fat- you need to be in a calorie deficit for weight loss, but my aim is to eat as much as I can while still seeing a downward trend- I like super slow when I'm in a cut 1/2-1 lb weight loss per week- if you have a lot of weight to lose, a 2lb weight loss per week would be my max recommendation- read my post a few before this one about tips on "fat loss vs weight loss"- if you eat too little and lose weight too fast, you aren't just losing fat, you're losing muscle too - and that's not the kind of weight you want to lose
▪️Learn to accept weight fluctuations- I don't feel the need to literally get rid of my scale, because I find it really helpful to track weight trends as I'm carefully doing gradual cuts and bulks- but that's the thing- if you are going to weigh yourself, track trends over time, not day to day changes
▪️Take progress pictures!! The scale doesn't tell a full story and will sometimes have you thinking you are moving backwards- so take pictures
▪️Eat foods you like- I promise there are nutrient dense foods you will actually enjoy consuming. You don't have to eat chicken and broccoli every day (although if it's seasoned well, I bet you'll even like that!)- check my food diaries and you can see that I eat a variety of foods every day- I don't force myself to eat things I don't enjoy in an effort to lose weight - find other options with similar macros that you like - with that said, my food preferences have changed over time- I enjoy things I never used to bother with before- salads, roasted veggies, and rice cakes weren't favorable to me at first- but partly I learned how to prep certain foods differently so that I actually love it- for example, plain rice cakes can be bleh... but topped with a favorite nut butter they are the perfect accompaniment
▪️Most importantly- love your body no matter where you are at in your efforts to get healthier, stronger, leaner, or whatever your goals are ❤

Sunday vibes ☀😘☀
600 rep challenge done 21.33 minutes ☀💪.
So yesterday I took as my rest day, due to travelling north. We left the city of Perth after a lovely 6 weeks and now Were spending the next month working on a organic mango farm!! Im in my element with our own cute house, free range chickens, and free produce...I already have a fridge full of some amazing organic products 😍😍. .
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Has anyone seen that video of the giant chicken that's making its rounds on social media? Well we recently started a flock of our own after buying our house, so of course ALL of our friends have been tagging us in the video and my husband found out it's a real breed and found out a co op near us had day old chicks so he brought home a pair of Brahmas. I hope they get huge because I really would like to name one Godzilla :) so our chicken count is at 15 now haha. Should be getting fresh eggs by mid May! Aren't they the cutest?

Did my one hour LISS this morning 💪 .. On another note I had My first acai bowl 😱 was amazing!!! I don't have much knowledge of the 'healthiness' with acai bowls, are they healthy??? #lissday #nodaysoff #kaylasarmy #bbg #bbggirl #bbgfam #kaylaitsines #kaylaitsinesbikinibodyguide #LISS #acaibowl #yummy #acai #amazing #bbgweek1 #day7 #goingstrong #tryingtobehealthy #prayforme

Super #sweatyselfie for the amazing @paleorunplyo! Thanks for the motivation honey. Today I definitely moved with intention and stopped postponing this challenge 🙈
👊 3 minute plank 🔥🔥🔥
👊 1000 rep challenge 💦💦💦
#noregrets Now I'm dead but with a huge smile on my face. 😊🙌
Tagged babes, show me your sweaty selves! 😘
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