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Dear #fitfam , remember your stuff is never safe at the gym. I learned the hard way that gym staff don’t bat an eye if your belongings are taken. However, I met some really nice police officers, and learned how amazing my family and friends are ❤️ #theft #gymlockerbreakin

Can't believe i almost paid £15 for these in Urban Outfitters, £1 @primark !! What a god send 😍

Well that felt good, I had sweat running down my belly and face!
The block of chocolate I consumed today was 110 calories so I burnt that off plus some 😌
Feeling so much better now!
13.16 kms done in 35 minutes changing between resistance level 2 and 4 (8 being the highest)

This picture does not truly capture the beauty of this sunset

Home 🌊

killed my fourth @orangetheory class ever (and DEF got my HIIT in lol) and fueled up after with @nekterjuicebar!! 😜🙏🏼👌🏼 and planning on taking an iyengar yoga class later tonight! #letsgetit

I just wonder if I ll be able to move tomorrow. I Feel all muscles. There are a lot of muscles in my body, what a surprise! #bbg #sweatwithkayla #kaylabbg #kaylaistines

This mornings Bbg& weights arm day and yesterday’s Bbg abs in much nicer weather! Eating and workouts on point to celebrate national margarita day today 😂🍹🍹🍹

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my breakfast this morn 😂👌🏼🙏🏼 my goal the past week or so has been to start switching up my meals!!! i’ll literally eat the same breakfast, smoothies, snacks, dinner, etc for months and months straight. so been making different meals! and me/my body have been enjoying this new adventure 😎 #letsgetit

check my story to see my workout from yesterday 😎👌🏼 after monday’s 3 a day, on tuesday i did my fav yoga class, and yesterday i did bbg legs and cardio (didn’t have time for yoga). i love working out at the park! what do you guys prefer? gym? at home? outside? #letsgetit

LETS TALK PERIODS YALL 😂👌🏼🙏🏼😜 really tho- has anyone else ever thought to take a photo on the first day of their period? cause i did it this week and HOLY SHIT. left pic is my current body on a normal day and right pic is me on my period and i’m honestly SHOCKED at how bloated we get! of course i always KNOW i feel bloated/gross on my period but this just showed me that once again: we have to be nicer to our bodies!!! we know we go back to normal after our cycle ends so why beat ourselves up for how we look on it? we *LITERALLY* cannot control it!!! this picture was such an awesome reminder to keep myself in check/not let PMS emotions get the best of me 😂😂😂 does anyone have a favorite natural way to de-bloat themselves? or do you just rock it for a week and wait for your body to return as usual lol 😎👌🏼🙏🏼 #letsgetit

check this 32 second time lapse of the hour long class! 😍❤️🙏🏼👌🏼 #letsgetit

monday this week i jumped head first back into it! week 7 bbg circuit, a yoga class, and then ANOTHER yoga class monday night in this insane location 70 floors up looking over all of downtown la 😍 they gave us headphones that cancelled out the noise so we could just hear the music and the teacher cueing us as we looked over this view 🙏🏼 amazing experience #letsgetit

i think getting sick keeps you in check: as long as you keep up your nutrition your body will NOT change that much from a week or two of rest!!!!! we need to stop being so mean to ourselves and listen to our bodies more. taking rest days/weeks when we’re under the weather or not in the right mental state to work out (no need to injure yourself just to “force a workout” in!) is so important!!! i hadn’t done yoga in 4 days when i took these photos last week and look- i can still do them! there’s still muscle definition! nothings changed! 😂 a lot of my friends newly getting into exercise will text me about how they feel guilty about missing a workout if they’re injured or sick or just finished working a 14+ hour day on set and it’s like... jeez people. we’re human!!!!! shit happens!!!! sometimes you’ll miss the workout, but as long as you GO BACK TO IT when you’re next available to: you’ll be fine. trust me. #letsgetit

last week i was soooo sick from allergies still- causally been sick for TWO MONTHS 😩 and i’ve tried everything- literally- everything. only got 1 night of sleep (for 7 hours) the entire 2 months.. the rest were spent tossing and turning and blowing my nose all night. the only thing left on my list was acupuncture and drinking my own pee LOL so when i found a natural supplement “breathe x” at whole foods i can’t believe how it INSTANTLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I CAN BREAAAATHE AGAIN!!!! so as i struggled through auditions and callbacks and general life last week i decided to skip BBG week 7 (only did 1 workout and yoga a handful of times last week... cause i literally couldn’t breathe lol) and started fresh this week and i feel awesome!! yaaaas #letsgetit

I have a week left of this meal plan and I’m going to miss it a bit. As per usssss, preparing lunch for my long day in school.
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BBG WEEK 2 THURSDAY LISS INTHE MOOOOORNINGGGGGG. Started the day with 30 minutes on the elliptical and 13 on the treadmill with 15.0 incline so it’s safe to say I’m sweaty af.
#bbg #bbgweek2 #liss #bbgsisters #bbgcommunity #bbgfam #bbggirl #fitness #fitnessjourney #weightloss #weightlossjourney #workout #cardio #kaylaistines #deathbykayla #kaylasarmy #bikinibodyguide


Almost didn’t do it today.
My motivation is waning because I’m plateauing and not seeing any results. I can feel strength gaining. -
And my arms don’t jiggle when I brush my teeth 😂
Who else is feeling a little unmotivated lately?
I’m not doing BBG to lose weight, only to tone up. So I guess not seeing abs magically appear over 6 weeks is why 😂but I realise it will take longer than that to see.

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