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Come to meet our fantastic team giving their best everyday to make your experience @kawayangourmand a slice of french taste

Tomorrow is tuesday, day off for everyone, it's time to surf!! #kawayangourmand

Here is another one of our sourdough bread, promess it's the last one.. pause.. NOOOT!! #kawayangourmand

We have sourdough bread available daily.. Pain au levain disponible tout les jours.. #kawayangourmand

Homemade sourdough, still in process it mean sourdough bread coming soon.. #kawayangourmand

Mango pies are available today at #kawayangourmand.. Try our feuilleté maison, but be quick there won't be enough for everyone!!

Today sunset at #siargaoisland

Who can resist?? Paris Brest only at #kawayangourmand

White chocolate/Vanila ganache is the parfum of those little delicious macarons.. #kawayangourmand

What kind of wedding do you celebrate? Here is our idea of a successful one
#kawayangourmand #weddingcake #piecemontee

Mango/Chocolate/Caramel with a touch of our homemade praliné cream... mmm
#kawayangourmand #siargao #siargaoisland #frenchbakery

Beautifull day diba? #kawayangourmand

As we are closed on tuesdays, it's time to go surfing!! #kawayangourmand

If you are not convinced yet, turn up the volume and listen.. Those beauties are baked around 9.30 am daily.. See you at #kawayangourmand

Warning, hooot baguettes!! #kawayangourmand

Baguette dough being made, there will be baguette for everyone!!

Coconut cake available on order. With real coconut made of chocolate 😁