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What beautiful words! Poets of our nation must be encouraged, with so much unrest around us, #poetry just might be the solution. Sharing a marvellous verse from last evening’s #KaviSammelan.
मेरे आंसू तेरा ज़ेवर नहीं होने वाले
ये गुनहगार पयंबर नहीं होने वाले
हमको दुनिया ने बसा रखा है दिल में अपने
हम किसी हाल में बेघर नहीं होने वाले - मुनव्वर राना

After the Kavi sammelan today 🙏🏼.
Through poems you can touch a soul.

Happy faces at the end of the event #YourQuote Open Mic Lucknow 3.0 #OpenMic #KaviSammelan

Here comes the dragon... :o
#dusherra #dusherramela #jhoola #kavisammelan

75th b'day celeb of Dadaji.🌷 #Kavisammelan #Amritmahotsav #Candid

Thanks for the pic somi di ❤


Happy faces at the end of the event #YourQuote Open Mic Lucknow 3.0 #OpenMic #KaviSammelan

What a way to finally see off my Nana it's been a year and so and I still feel he's still there with me I still do not believe he's not there with us anymore. today his autobiography got published and all of my cousins my brother had written something about him in the book. but somehow I couldn't able to write about him just because I couldn't do it so and I feel I have done injustice with him all the things he taught me since I was a kid all the little things which normal people use to ignore he used to cherish and celebrate with me. I still remember from childhood he used to say "malli k haath ka pani peene main aur Meetha lagta hai" and I use to feel proud among my cousins and siblings whenever we use to go at my Nanis house in the summer vacations and my cousins use to get jealous from me that sort of unconditional love he had towards me. to be one of the country's best and renowned Nobel literature laureate but still he was a very down to earth guy and I feel utterly foolish and disguised for the last time he called me to meet him up I replied that. I'm busy which I regret it now somehow I remember one of the favourite quote of his " This world is a stage and we all are actors and there's no spectators "
It had left with a deep impression in my mind since he left us I've realised now but somehow I feel that the context written above is not enough to describe him and I would write on and on and on with my fading memories that I had with him but still he will be present in my heart and soul and I assure you wherever you are your teachings and values would be followed by me throughout my life <3
Yours loving

Jashn-e-Urdu 2017(Dubai)🙌💚...by my dearest Brother 🙏💖.. Like every year even this year I'm sure it is going to be great. Sincere request and invitation to people from the UAE, India & Pakistan who are interested in Sher-o-shayari, do attend this wonderful Mushaira. I can't wait to visit Next year! 🙌🙏😭
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