Katy is my source of happiness & seeing her so happy makes me smile so hard that my cheeks hurt I literally love her so very much

I watched wonder woman for the first time yesterday and I've decided I'm going to be her for halloween, I'm obsessed!!!

I feel so happy knowing our little baby, cinnamon roll, gumdrop is happy and is living her best life, I just love her too much you know

I so adore my little kittyunicornpeach aka @katygreatdream I swear she's the most cutie person ever

these photos deserve to be in a museum, woah everything looks so magical and I'm speechless

I'm outside and it started to rain but now I can't go inside the house anymore because I'm gonna get wet

Thanks to KP for an amazing night 😻💙👽💫🌏🇬🇧 #lastminutetickets #wheninlondon #outonthelash #fishandchips #witnessthetour @katyperry

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