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Sorry for lack of actual cosplay content, workig and moving will do that to you πŸ˜‚
Nearly settled into my new home though!
What cosplays would you guys like to see me do ? Any requests ?
As well as any cosplay tutorial requests ?
My Ruler kenma from #Katsu2017 version one of @bananafishu 's Ruler AU design with my twin @hidemyerror <3

the girls reunited!! missing em rlly hard hwifowlcoem except lorn

so now that we've got this savvy new update, i can post a bunch of selfies from conventions all at once!! here is just a few of the many amazing people that i met at katsucon. i still miss everyone so much. :") πŸ’

#katsucon2017 #katsu #katsucon #katsu2017

(I wish i could put more pictures in the collage skfngj,,, also im sorry if i hung out w you/saw you and didnt tag you !! Just lmk and ill tag ya!) Well here i go... This was my first year at katsucon and it will forever live in my memory as the best con experience ive ever had! It was my first con that ive stayed over at (as in a hotel far away from home; also otakon doesnt count bc i left the first day RIP ) and it was a total success! I was so afraid that i was gonna get sick again or that i was gonna look bad but i worked through all my anxieties and worries and i had an amazing time. I got to meet new people, and bond more with my friends which was so fantastic! And also i got a lot of attention with the cosplay groups i was in which felt so good because i feel like my efforts as a cosplayer were really appreciated ☺
i cant believe it was only 3 days ago when i first entered the hotel and i miss it so much agh... but im absolutely looking forward to next year's Katsu and making more memories πŸ’•i wish i could put my thoughts down more concisely but its hard to describe how i really feel but anyway...i love u all ! πŸ’•The next con up is CPAC!! #katsucon2017 #katsucon #katsu #katsu2017

@battalion__stallion is such a sweet. I feel so lucky to have met them! Srsly. SO NICE and every time I think about us talking I literally wanna cry because they were so sweet to me and just I love ❀
#kirishimaeijirou #enstars #katsu2017

Okay last photo from #katsu2017 I swear.

Heres were Id post BokuAka pics if I had any rip me πŸ’” β€’
#katsucon2017 #katsu #katsucon #katsu2017 #haikyuu #haikyuucosplay #akaashikeiji #akaashicosplay #akaashikeijicosplay

NICE! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Check out lovely: @abunakkashii and @petitepeachie If someone knows this Dva cosplayer, please tag her Photo: @archavold #katsucon #katsu2017 #katsucon2k17 #katsucon2017 #raven #raventeentitans #teentitans #teentitanscosplay #ravencosplay #ravenbeastboy #beastboy #dc #dccomics #dcentertainment
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Tell us what think about the cosplay in the comments below πŸ’–


I almost committed fabric murder last night. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to sew a lined and collared vest, but @hopismyhero actually saved my sanity and sent me the easy version instructions. Bless her soul
He desperately needs his top stitching and ironing done, and you know, buttons, BUT THIS VEST IS ESSENTIALLY DONE

Have an ugly lining seam for your troubles

#cosplay #cosplaywip #cosplaysewing #bokunoheroacademiacosplay #bokunoheroacademia #bnha #myheroacademia #myheroacademiacosplay #deku #medivalreturndeku #rpgdeku #dekucosplay #izuku #izukumidoriyacosplay #theadventurezone #theadventurezonecosplay #angus #angusmcdonald #anguscosplay #katsu #katsucon #katsucon2017 #katsu2017

This week's been kinda stressful but I'm glad it's the weekend! Hope everyone's doing okay!

SERIES β˜† Touken Ranbu
CN β˜† ???
EVENT β˜† Katsucon 2017

HI FRIENDS! I don't think I'm gonna be posting as much because of how busy I am with school and stuff. It's a good busy though, don't worry! πŸ’–

I am in the middle of that waiting game where I am waiting for swatches to choose fabric and until then I can't really start anything. :( I hope to have some WIP coming soon!! In the mean time have another Muscat of Alexandria photo!! πŸ“Έ @saralynn_photo

#sakizo #sakizocosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayphotography #katsucon #katsu2017 #muscatofalexandria #ilovethiscosplay #cosplayphoto

Wow!! my super rushed Peter pan cosplay πŸ˜‚
The Ciel is @cruel.but.cute
Flashback to #Katsu2017 πŸ˜™ see everyone for '18 !!

Sadly will not be able to bring any Margaery cosplay to Colossal East, kind of sad about this but I just don't have the space in my bag! (Btw: I've worn s Margaery cosplay at every con I have gone to since Katsucon 2016!) But don't worry: my amazing Joffrey will return as my Tommen for our Gold wedding cosplays for Katsucon 2018!
Joffrey: @chthonic.sun
Margaery: @torra.zwei (myself)
Photographer: @foxfacephotography
#katsucon #katsu2017 #katsucon2k17 #cosplay #cosplayer #gameofthronescosplay #gameofthrones #got #gotcosplay #winterishere #winteriscoming #margaery #margaerytyrell #queenmargaery #purplewedding #thepurplewedding #highgarden #kingslanding #weddingdress #nataliedormer #gotpurplewedding #gameofthronespurplewedding #cosplayphotography #joffreybaratheon
#joffrey #kingjoffrey #lannister #baratheon

I think it's about time I posted my lineups for the next few upcoming cons πŸ˜†πŸ™Œ MD Renn Fest:
I'm going on October 7th with a huge group of people and I'm so excited to go back πŸ™ I'll be bringing an AU! version of Lance and if things go according to plan, @mprojectcosplay and @ashuri_senpai will be joining me as Shiro and Keith πŸ’•

I'm officially saying yes to Nekocon! I've been interested in going for years and the opportunity has arisen so I'm taking it πŸ‘ I'll be bringing Vaporeon (probs the last time you'll see her for a while), Space Pirate! Lance along with @ashuri_senpai and @actualyohane, and finally, my Poison Ivy with @the_sparrows_providence's Harley 😘

I'll be apart of a Voltron Teen Titan AU! as Keith in Raven's outfit and I'll also be bringing a very sexy Christmas Special Chuuya πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ Katsu:
Possibly I'm most complicated and intricate Katsu lineup ever but I'm super excited! First, I'll be bringing back Slaver! Oikawa and will apart of an even bigger Slaver! AU than Ota, I'll also be Keith in an Alice in Wonderland AU! group (designs by paladinbluespace on Tumblr). Altean! Lance (art by Brobuddypal on Tumblr) and Ghoul Bokuto (art by @kkumri) will happen on the same day and topping it all off will be Jyugo in a Nanbaka group.
I'm so excited to see everyone!!! 😭😭 Lemme know if any of you are going to any!!

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