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I bought 4 books on Amazon and 3 of them just arrived🎉🎉 Can't wait to read them all!!

Me ha llegado al corazón.

All about BCAAs 💪🏼 What are they: Building blocks of protein.

Why take them: To build and repair lean muscle mass and improve recovery time.
When do I take them: During your workout.
Where do I get them: kaytlinkatnissfitness.com/shopidealfit (link in bio) promo code KAYTLIN for 10% off

Water got spilled on my laptop so it looks like writing has come to an abrupt stop. Unless I wanna continue on paper, but it's like ... not the same. Which is funny bc the real OG writers only used paper lmao

everlark or everthorne?

[Everyone can change]
I'm so proud of this edit 💙
I searched for the original author of the quote to give credit, but it's been used and changed many times that I couldn't find it. ⚠Whatever, it's rant time: ⚠
Everything you see on my account (edits, digital drawings and traditional drawings) is made by me. And if you like something and want to repost, it's okay, as long as you give me credit.
There's an account that at this point everyone knows, who has been stealing edits and artworks without giving credit and even putting their own watermark on it. I invite you to check out their account and, who knows? Maybe you'll find one of your edits on it receiving more attention than the original on your account. We all put effort on our creations, don't let anyone steal them.


| book quote x thg |
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sorry guys I haven't been posting much:(
but this is my first time posting during the night but I hope you enjoy;))
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#qotd did you think Finnick was a jerk at the beginning?
#aotd ok I'll be honest, I thought he was a bit jerky but my first impression of him was, <<< *SPOILER* >>>
"dude he's hot, I sure hope they don't kill him off" ugh ironic I know
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who are these? ;)
i love them💙


would like you to press 'more'
{Fandom} The Hunger Games
{Edit} "Fire is Catching and if we burn, you burn with us!"
{Qotd} Favourite quote from a book/movie?
{Aotd} "That is Mahogany!" - Effie Trinket -
{Fotd} @fiendfyyre (follow them!)
Comment ' 🍦', comment 'emoji', or answer the qotd to be tagged in my next aesthetic! -
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[Repost] Let's begin the annual Hunger Games. Stay Alive.

I am selling 4 Cosplay prints for $6 shipped to your door and signed! These 3 prints plus a special print. Pm me if you're interested!
#cosplay #cosplayprints #printsforsale #belle #katniss #blackwidow

It's been a long while since I did a #heydrewdrawthis, and this shot by @michaelarnone has been calling my name. Foreshortening?!? Thanks, Michael! When you repost I'll gladly send you your free copy.

Everyone else follow me and tag your unique photos (or drawings!) with my username and the above hashtag and you might be picked next! Go on then!

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Cats don't care about your diy projects. They'll step on and sleep on whatever they want. #catsofinstagram #katniss

Me ha llegado al corazón.

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