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I did another portrait for ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ vol.2 ✨✨ This time it’s a portrait of Sonia Sotomayor, an Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of the USA 🏛🇺🇸 Pre-order your second volume soon! 🌚 #rebelgirls #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls #soniasotomayor #kathrinhonesta

An illustration set in collaboration with the talented @cotypoems for one of her poem titled "Tell Me This". It's so simple but yet so deep 😢
"What is the craziest thing you have done for love?"
"I forgot who I really am."

#collaboration #illustratedpoem #cotywords #midnightmonologues #kathrinhonesta

Went out of my comfort zone to try out mixing different mediums & ways of drawing. Watercolour is super hard. But it was fun. But it was hard. Anyway....I promise myself I'll eventually figure it out 💆🏻 But for the time being, practice, practice & practice✨ #kathrinhonesta #illustrationoftheday

Introducing "Mawar & Ringo"; a sticker pack I created for Google Allo, a messenger by Google.
This story is inspired by the cheesy sweet moments and the nostalgic sensation of falling in love for the first time. Yeap, that all very familiar galau phase back in high school 💖😂
I know that Google Allo has not been widely used here in Indonesia 😢 but if you guys happen to have the app, feel free to download this lil pack & I hope you guys enjoy using them!
Animation is done by the @jumpingspace team✨ #kathrinhonesta #mawardanringo #googleallo

An illo piece inspired by a poem @kayjenno wrote: "The Dream Catcher" 💖Here's another one from us, to all the dreamers out there.
You can grasp the moon
or seize the stars,
But if you catch a dream,
Then follow it far.
You might lose your way,
Or stumble and fold;
But you might catch a song,
Or even strike gold.
For wide is the stage
On which you dance.
So catch your dreams;
Snatch every chance.
Poem by Ong Kay Jen
Illustrated by Kathrin Honesta
#thedreamcatcher #collaboration #kathrinhonesta

"Atomic From The 50s"
Got featured by ELLE Decor Indonesia for their 7th Anniversary Edition ✨This illustration piece is a combination of fashion & a piece of 50s furniture "Plant Stand Atomic", with a pop art twist 🌿🌚 @elledecorindonesia
PS. There's a little typo on my name tho *sob* but it's alright, still had fun working on this project! 😢
#elledecoration #kathrinhonesta #editorialillustration #elleindonesia

It was a great fun teaching at the @hello2madison Art Journal Workshop yesterday; both kids & adults sessions 💖 Met a lot of new friends & talented people as well. Thank you so much for coming guys! Really nice to meet you all. See you guys again at the next one! 🌈🌞🌸
#kathrinhonestajournal #kathrinhonesta #hello2madison #themakershub #workshopjakartaselatan


I did another portrait for ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ vol.2 ✨✨ This time it’s a portrait of Sonia Sotomayor, an Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of the USA 🏛🇺🇸 Pre-order your second volume soon! 🌚 #rebelgirls #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls #soniasotomayor #kathrinhonesta

This is an illustrated poem titled ‘Safe Nest’, written & commissioned by @kayjenno for her bestfriend @justinahhhh as a wedding gift (Also Justina, I may not know you but I really wish you like it and congrats for your wedding! 💖)
Safe Nest
Whistle a tune for who I once was;
A bird who lived in a house in a house.
Lovely and loved, longing to be free
To wander a world made just for me.
Hum in harmony to the person I am;
For the wind in our wings, the world in our hands.
Sing me a tune through the paths that we take,
The crossroads and dead-ends and choices we make.
And charm me to be the love you’ll love best;
My adventure, my joy, safe in our nest.
#illustratedpoetry #illustrationdaily #commissioned #kathrinhonesta #illustratedwords #kayjen #collaboration

It's been a few days since I have posted, and it's been a few weeks since I uploaded a video. It's been pretty packed full in November this far, which can cause me to get lazy or anxious in my free time. I'm really bad about quietly over thinking or panicking, because I seem fine on the outside. Thank you so much for understanding, and I owe you guys some rad videos! I'll try to edit and upload within the next few days. By Monday for sure. As always, I love you all!
Art by Kathrin Honesta
#anxiety #imfine #itwillgetbetter #pintrestart #garden #youtube #november #imsorry #kathrinhonesta

İnsan çok geçmeden tanır aslında karşısındakini .Tanır ama kaçar o yüzleşmek istemediği bilgiden.Aklının en ücra köşelerine fırlatıp yok saymaya devam eder.Bazen bir ömür sürer baştan beri bildiklerini kabullenmesi.Bazen bir ömür söner.😏

"The smell of the cold wind
Makes me think of that day I was with you
It hurts as if it happened just yesterday.."

Song: 11°
Singer: Minah (Girls Day) *Kathrin Honesta inspired
#kathrinhonesta #minah #11 #girlsday #art #sketch #pen #drawing #inspired

"¿Qué es una vida verdadera? Una vida que se vive con la certeza de estar viviéndola..."
#LasenseñanzasdeDonJuan #Castaneda

Ilustración #KathrinHonesta

Solitude 🍑🍑🍑

I haven’t experienced “flow” for quite some time now— you know, the feeling when you’re focusing in something so deeply and the time just slipped away? When the “flow” hits you, that’s when the magic works ✨

Also on the same note, I think it has been quite a while since I did work loosely, purely for fun, without any pressure or deadline to catch. I really should find time to do more side projects & do more drawing solely for myself. I find that it’s really crucial to keep the creative juice flowing 🍑💆🏻

#illustratedthoughts #rant #kathrinhonesta

Sabe quando você se apaixona pelo trabalho de uma pessoa e ele consegue despertar em você algumas emoções, lembranças e até sentimentos? 💜 Estamos assim com as ilustrações de Kathrin Honesta. #artlovers
#artistic_share #ilustration #kathrinhonesta #art #monday

#metoo 😕 illustration by #kathrinhonesta

Inktober Day 14: Fierce 🐯
Or pretending to be. #inktober2017 #inktober #kathrinhonesta

Got these books for the little ladies, can't help but have a read myself! 2 of my favourite females in there too #goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls #granuaile #grainne #grainneomalley #piratequeen #elizabethtudor #elizabethi #elenafavilli #francescacavallo #anagalvan #kathrinhonesta

When you get the chance, don't hesitate.
Grab it.
"Drowing in Thoughts"
Framed art by @kathrinhonestaa.
15% all furniture-art-homedecor from today till Sunday!
2madison Gallery
•Pondok Indah Mall I, 1st floor unit 113-114
•Promenade 20, jl Bangka Raya no20 Kemang
For more info: 0812 94088668 .
#collectivehub #collectivestore #conceptstore #artsy #artfido #artanddesign #illustrator #illustratorindonesia #contemporarydesign #designgallery #notminimalist #seniterjangkau #designhouse #2madison #kathrinhonesta

We've brought very limited stocks to Indonesia!! Get a set of book, postcard and bookmark for IDR200k incl shipping to JABODETABEK.
Orders yours at hello.shadowstories@gmail.com with your details:
Full address, postcode
Contact number
PS. For international shipping, please shop here:
shadowstories.bigcartel.com ✨
#theshadowandthestar #childrenstorybook #kathrinhonesta #kayjen #collaboration #makersgonnamake

"Kathrin Honesta es una diseñadora gráfica e ilustradora indonesia establecida en Kuala Lumpur, Malasia. Sus ilustraciones están inspiradas en las historias de personas y la fe. 
Su gusto por el arte empezó desde que era una niña, atraída por libros de cómics, pronto empezó a imitar los personajes para dar vida a sus propias historias. Ella se da cuenta de que una obra de arte no se trata sólo de ser bueno estéticamente, sino que también es sobre el mensaje que está diciendo.
Kathrin no considera que su trabajo esté definido bajo algún estilo en particular, pero lo cierto es que sus ilustraciones se caracterizan por estar envueltas en un atmósfera de nostalgia y fantasía. Por otro lado, comenta que en realidad con respecto al estilo considera que éste se desarrolla y evoluciona, así que considera que puede cambiar. Sus trabajos son realizados, por lo general, de manera digital pero aún continúa boceteando o dibujando con tinta, todo depende del trabajo que esté realizando".
#kathrinhonesta #ilustration #ilustracion #ilustraciones #ilustra #ilustracao #arte #galeriadearte #biblioteca #bibliotecavirtualdelarte #arte #artegrafico #graphicart #galeria #galeriadeartes

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