(I won't be posting any spoiler pictures until a week after episode two is released).
I'm so excited yet scared to find out why Clem keeps having nightmares, it has to have been something insanely traumatizing because she's seen ALOT.

It seems the person behind Clem is taking a page out of the Whisperers book, I'm so hyped for this episode!.

(Dont read the caption if you haven't watched the trailer).
Holy shit this episode looks INTENSE! We have baby AJ crying in what will presumably be apart of a ranch flashback, more raider craziness & the return of Lilly? This season is crazy! Lilly disrespecting Lee has me pissed though, I will not stand for this bad talk of a god. Anyway regardless I'm beyond hyped for this episode now, this season may go down as the best!.

AJ got so happy when he saw the legend known as disco broccoli!.

I felt something special between them during this scene, I can't wait to see how things will turn out for them in episode two!.

I'm so nervous for this episode!.

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[ I never really liked Kate, she kind of stirred up drama by trying to get with Javi ¿ ]
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She's always so concerned for AJ, I hope we can help AJ get rid of his bad tendencies throughout the season!.

Does anyone else think the boarding school got set on fire based on this picture? it probably didn't but that's the only thing I can think of when I see this, I definitely don't think this is from the ranch!.

I love that AJ & Tenn became friends during episode one, I hope it develops more & more throughout the season because I think Tenn could definitely help AJ learn to be a proper kid.

Tenn is too pure, I hope he finds his sister's & they all survive the season!. I'm also glad AJ has a friend now, maybe Tenn can teach him how to be a proper kid!.

Tenn believes in the afterlife! I also wonder if Tenn got his burn mark before or after the apocalypse, I'm so curious to find out how it all happened!.

This scene really made me love Tenn, I hope he survives the season!.

I liked the fishing with Violet & Brody option more than hunting with Aasim & Louis! I felt Brody's death is more meaningful if you choose the fishing option & I liked getting to know about Brody & Violets friendship before & after the disappearance of the twins.

Did you tell AJ to lower the gun or did you attack Abel?.

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