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#JasmineYogaTutorial : #Kasyapasana
My 'cheat cheat' way of getting into this pose. Short arm problem 😅😅 It is impossible for me to bind AFTER getting into side plank. So the only option was to bind before actually going into the pose. Here i show you how I do it, try so u can at least experience how it feel like to find that bind.
The tricky part with this transition is in step 3. Lifting the knee and ground foot needs to happen simultaneously. For that to happen, the drishti is soooo important. I find looking down at the ground to be the most effective. Find a spot and stare at it, its just you and that spot until u complete the movement and find stability. Try really rolling shoulder back and recreating an almost-backbend for the bind to be deeper and then drawing the ribs back to create stability in the core for final pose.
Let me know how that works for u! 🤗

#kasyapasana is a favorite of mine though was once very elusive and frustrating. I often feel those are the poses we end up appreciating the most yet without the foundations the practice wouldn't be as rich ❤️🙏🏼.

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Harboring anger is like letting poison sit your stomach. It is ABSOLUTELY ok to feel out your emotions even anger. But the moment they take control of you, you can put yourself in irrational and harsh realities. Come from a place of calm reflection with your emotions. Besides letting them take completely control of you kind of negates this whole freedom we move ourselves towards as Yogis right?... 🌸 #Kasyapasana #beachyoga

Happy Friday everyone! 🌈 #kasyapasana #openheart #yogapractice #namaste 🙏

Saying Hi to the Universe 🌈🌼
#kasyapasana variation in standing #yogamoment #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere

Open the window, let the wind blow on your skin.
Don't ever forget to open the door and let life in.
There's nothing more beautiful than the sun shining on your face.
There's nothing more true than all that you do and all that you say ~*~*~*~
#kasyapasana #sunnyyoga 🙏🏻🌀💫

Herkes sevdigine kavussun elim ayagima bence👻
#yoga #kasyapasana #yogapractice #sideplank #yogaeverydamnday


This morning's attempt at #kasyapasana but couldn't quite catch that elusive foot. So close so far away. Some times you must work the hardest for the things that you want which are closest to you. A lesson learned on the mat to be taken off it.
#yogamomma #fitmom #yogisofinstagram #yogisofig #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverydamndaily #yogarocks #yogaeverywhere #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #yoga #yogi #yogini #om #namaste #fitness #fitlife #igyoga #igyogacommunity #asana #bebold #beawesome #getcreative #inspired #instayogi

#kasyapasana is a favorite of mine though was once very elusive and frustrating. I often feel those are the poses we end up appreciating the most yet without the foundations the practice wouldn't be as rich ❤️🙏🏼.

股関節の外旋の先のポーズ #カシャパアーサナ #アシュタバクラーサナ ・
@moyotas ・
#アルダバッダパスチモッターナアーサナ #ardhabaddhapaschimottanasana #kasyapasana #compasspose #8anglepose #ashtavakrasana
#yoga #omyoga #yogapractice #yogateacher #yogainstracter #ヨガ #オムヨガ #ヨガインストラクター

Side plank variation for today's #xrebelxyogisx challenge:) I think this has a name actually ... #kasyapasana or something like that:) it's like a bound half lotus in side plank:) super fun! I struggle with the toe grab cuz of my tight pecs but well... if everything were easy it would probably get pretty boring;) #namaste #yogadaily #yogafun #yogaismymedicine #namaste #inlight #om #xREBELxYOGISx #yogafun #yogachallenge Hosts:
1. Repost this flyer.
2. Give the host and sponsors some love!
4. Tag some friends to play along!
5. Have fun and be safe!

Sponsors: 🌔

🤗Welcome to day 4️⃣ of #EmbraceYourNemesis from 6th-15th October! Today is twist but I accidentally did my twist on the first day lolol. So I’m doing seated today!! Special guest: Charly!!! @charlytheonlyfrenchie Attacking my whoha with a toy! Lololol #frenchie #doglove #dogyoga
Anyone else have a little fur baby they want to share a yoga pic with?!?! ▫️
I chose #kasyapasana. All of the previous poses for this week help to open up for this pose but for some reason I am not feeling very open today. The goal is to not hold the foot and have the leg and foot behind the head. I am working on practicing again primary and second series Ashtanga to help open up for this. ▫️
☝️Things to work on for this pose
1. Pigeon pose
2. Double pigeon
3. Kurmasana
4. More double pigeon
5. More pigeon
6. More kurmasana
7. Lizard 🦎 pose working to get head through leg
8. Lots and LOTS of 🦎 s!!!
9. Standing pigeon
10. Compass pose
11. Cradling the leg towards the chest
12. Trying to fold forward in pigeon so the shins touch the heart and the naval touches the thighs
13. Standing pigeon lifting foot to chest, then nose, then forehead.
14. And then all the picture in this post like 10-20 times through!!!
* Ashtanga primary series opens your body for this pose. Practice 6 times a week and you’d get this in no time ▫️
* do this without warming up! I literally warmed up for 1.5 hours to be able to do this easing my way into this pose. ▫️
Don’t forget to tag all of the hosts and lovely sponsors!! AND these lovely leggings👖 are from the generous sponsor @bohemian_island and the top from @a.beautiful.life_apparel . 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ▫️ 🔮Hosts: @amandamarieyogi @nathalieyogini @linachristianto @nataliee_yoga ▫️ 🔮Sponsors: @go9stories @besohum @bohemian_island @repactiveart @foyomove @lamovenza @pawpawyogawear @a.beautiful.life_apparel @recoveringbeauties @oseamalibu ▫️ 🔮For a chance to win:
1. Repost this flyer with the hashtag #EmbraceYourNemesis and tag friends to join!
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors
3. Post daily pictures using the hashtag #EmbraceYourNemesis
4. Tag hosts and sponsors in your beautiful photos 📸 ▫️ 🔮 Line up for your nemesis poses:
1. Seated

"Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they’re meant to be." ~ BKS Iyengar 🙏🏻✨
@elizabethroseyoga 🙊

Working on a #transition from #uttihitachaturangadandasana ➡️ #vasisthasana #vrksasana ➡️ #kasyapasana #halflotuspose➡️#hanumanasana #splits ✨🙏🏻🙏🏻 ✋🏻remember to warm up first! Because if not, when you try to #bound your #lotus, you can hurt your sartorius, or your hamstrings in the splits!! #boundhalflotus #padmasana #ardhabaddhapadmavasisthasana #sideplankpose #sideplank ☀️☀️☀️☀️

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