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Slowly (and stiffly) getting back into 3rd series after almost a year off from it because of injury. Thankful for a system of yoga and for teachers that help me face difficulty head on and with persistence and patience. #ashtangayoga #thirdseries #homepractice #kasyapasana

Open the window, let the wind blow on your skin.
Don't ever forget to open the door and let life in.
There's nothing more beautiful than the sun shining on your face.
There's nothing more true than all that you do and all that you say ~*~*~*~

#kasyapasana #sunnyyoga 🙏🏻🌀💫

Working on strength with different variants of Side Plank, back to back, holding each of them for a few breaths. This one with the upper leg folded in Half Lotus (aka #Kasyapasana) will work your hip openers, leg and knee flexibility. To bind the big toe behind the back remember that you have to tuck the foot really, really high up, toes even showing out slightly, so that the hand finds them easily. One step prior to this one, still very interesting and working on similar elements, would be to bend the upper leg into Tree Pose (foot against other inner thigh, as high as possible), knee pointing towards the ceiling, press the base foot and hand down, then lift the hips higher as you turn the gaze up.

👩🏽‍🔧🎬 Kaśyapāsana this āsana strengthens the hands and relieves pain and stiffness in the sacral region of the spine. #kasyapasana #yoga #customerservice

Для развития силы полезно делать разные варианты боковой планки на обе руки, задерживаясь в каждой на несколько дыханий. Этот вариант с верхней ногой в полулотосе (aka #Kasyapasana) способствует раскрытию бедер, гибкости в ноге и колене. Чтобы зацепить большой палец, вам надо расположить ступню по настоящему высоко, носочками немного наружу, тогда рука сможет их найти. Подготавливающий шаг у этому варианту – с ногой в дереве (ступня на другом внутреннем бедре, как можно выше), с коленом смотрящим в потолок, опирайтесь с силой ступней и рукой в пол, затем поднимите бедра выше вслед за взглядом. Мне кажется, что я могу подняться даже выше, когда представляю, что задняя рука не моя, а чья-то, вся поза уходит вверх. Звучит немного безумно, но всегда срабатывает... можете попробовать! Дальше больше боковых планок!

Make-up DAY 1️⃣3️⃣ 🌼🐍🌀#untangleme hosted by @cyogalab bound half #Lotus in #sideplank #kasyapasana. Aiming to reach the toe in bind

REPOST from @ingravitt avui us espera la Míriam 9:30 a #vinyasa 💪 😊❤🙃 #kasyapasana


🌿🖤 #MayYoHybridBeStrong

Day 3 • Plank + Twist
I went with #kasyapasana
This pose combines balance and strength.
It's worth practicing again and again!
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💟 Hosts @jeminajakin @yogajosey @omniyogagirl
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#SidePlank variation #vasisthasana
#core#coreworkout #HalfLotus #BalancePose

Hybrid Mash Ups:
Day 1: Headstand + Any animal legs variation ✅
Day 2 :Monkey pose (splits) + Twist OR bind ✅
Day 3: Plank + Twist ✅
Day 4 : Goddess + Lion
Day 5: Foot to Pit + Any seated pose
Day 6: Any arm balance mash up
Day 7 : Tree + Twist OR Bend
Day 8 :Handstand + Child's pose
Day 9 : Yogi's choice (any hybrid pose)
#coreparty #untangleme

Let go of the thoughts that do not make you strong • #kasyapasana #vasisthasana #sideplank • PC: @kylee_elyse

이번 일요일 (5/28) 10:30am 부터 90분간 인천 명품 요가스튜디오 @gong_yogastudio 에서 트위스트가 포함된 cyoga 복합테마수업을 진행합니다 🍭
전굴, 후굴처럼 범위가 넓지 않은 minor 테마(트위스트, 스플릿, 측굴 등)들은 해당 테마로만 수업을 구성하기 어려워 다양하게 요리 양념 배합하듯 엮어(?)냅니다 😁
cyoga 복합테마 구성에 대한 간단한 설명 후, 어깨를 열어내며 척추를 시원하게 비틀어내고 재미난 암발란스, 역자세로 이어가보도록 할께요🎈

If we wake up each morning and immediately brush our teeth, wash our face, and shower our bodies, why should cleaning up our minds be any less important? #Declutter your brain daily! #sarayoga

Day 13 of #UntangleMe with @cyogalab and @livesankalpa is a bound #HalfLotus in #SidePlank or #Kasyapasana !!
Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self acceptance. ~ Brene Brown, @brenebrown
#humanpretzel #twist #bind #yogafam #omgirl #love #makingshapes #perfectlyimperfect #enjoythejourney #yogini #makingprogress #crazysexyyoga #yogababe #kickasana #yogagirl #makingprogress #beaYOUtiful #yogaaddict #findyourpassion #yogaeverydamnday #onebreathatatime #benddontbreak #practiceandalliscoming #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #namaste 🙏🏻

🌀🐍🌼 Day 1️⃣3️⃣ of #UntangleMe with @cyogalab 🔀 Bound Half #Lotus in #SidePlank or #Kasyapasana 🌀🐍🌼

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