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Searching for your destiny? What if I told you it was created before you? You were created FOR a purpose. One only you could fill... otherwise God would not have created you. However it is your choice to walk in it or to walk away from it. He doesn't force himself nor the great plans he has for your life upon you. You have choice. But it is there. There is a file in heaven with your name on it that only you can unlock. It is your inheritance. So many of us live and die without claiming our inheritance. We also rob our children of theirs if we do not walk in the fullness of ours. How can we impart and bequeath that which we do not possess? Your purpose lies in his will for your life. We can all dream but just be sure that your pursuits are in line with the will and purpose for God in your life. That is when you find true peace and joy. You are more than that empty space inside you. Let God fill it with his love and purpose for your life #fastandpray #meditation #devotion #inspiration #KariHeron
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Maybe you were born holy but not me. Maybe you feel righteous but not me. Maybe you are all religious but not me. Maybe you are all legalistic but not me. Who am I? I am a follower of Christ. A Christian. Doesn't that make me religious? Nope? It makes me anything but. I was conceived and born in sin. I sin daily. But the thing is, because of my complete surrender to Christ, I am no longer a SLAVE to sin. Everyday I die, crucifying my flesh so that Christ can live in me. I am a sinner saved by grace. Saved. Justified. Sanctified. Fortified. And one day I hope to be Glorified. Anything else is hypocritical. #fastandpray #honesty #speaktruth #KariHeron #WaterFromTheRock

Happy National Day #UAE . #ILOVEUAE43 I still cannot believe it has been 5 yeats for me and 9 for chef. We were married here and our son was born here. We will always have a great connection to this country. #Dubai #RasAlKhaimah #RAK #UAEgram #instagram #igers #MiddleEast #Jamaicans #OneLove #ChefandSteward #KariHeron

About to pit prunes and peaches to make dishes to ease our baby's digestion. Did you know both help constipated babies? Good ole #homemade #baby #food #chefbaby #cheflove #cheflife #newmom #kariheron #chefandsteward

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