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The Australian #marriageequality surveys go out today, and we should al be ticking a box and sending it back. If you plan to vote No then do so, but do so after seriously considering why you're doing it. The No campaign is feeding people tales of oppression and fear to distract them from the real issue that we're voting on. Don't fall for their sleight of hand. If you're voting Yes, then do so as soon as you can; don't put it off and miss the deadline. And if you're not sure, then please, look into your heart and realise that your being asked to decide on the happiness and security of other human beings - fellow Australians. If you choose to reject that, don't do it lightly or out of hatred or spite. We should be, and can be, better than that. I'm voting YES. Please join me on what will be the right side of history. #ssm #marriageequality #australia #voteyes #plebiscite

Felt Bunting at the #Wollongong Friday Markets. #urban #felt #craft


The light on this tree caught my eye today #tree #unanderra #wollongong #light #morning

28mm Jessica Jones figure, converted from a 3D printed sci-fi figure. #miniature #marvel #heroclix #game #3dprint

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