Where's the ill Kanye I mean the real Kanye the say what I feel kanye before Kim Kanye the beats that bump Kanye not the one that loves Trump Kanye the mad flowing Kanye not the one who sides with Candice Owen's Kanye that thru the wire kanye that used to spit hot fire Kanye not the talk shit on Twitter Kanye sounded all bitter Kanye the Jesus walks Kanye damn i miss the old Kanye

Of course Michael Scott is Beyonce always, but pretty sure this video proves he’s also Kanye. Enjoy Kanye West albums as #TheOffice scenes 🔥 (Link to full video in bio)

Can god bless me with this for my room #kanyealbums

What's kanye's greatest solo album of all time? 🐑

After an annoying day, ending some freelance work and not getting a job I had an interview for, I thought I'd smash a personal target to run the half marathon distance I've been working towards. Not the quickest, bit of an awkward route, But I did it. Now it hurts to walk. 🙃💪💪 #running #runaway #KanyeAlbums #halfmarathon #goals #pain #worthit #essex #coastrunning

A little #takashimurakami artwork in a downtown #chicago hotel to get #summertimechi started. #chicagoloop #buildingbeauty #art #kanyealbums #coverart

Top 3️⃣ Kanye albums in your mind???

My opinion...
1. Yeezus
2. Graduation
3. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

#kanyewest #kanyealbums

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