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I think this moment was one of the best part of the morning safari in Kanha 😊
While everyone in our group was curious on spotting a tiger due to the continous alarm calls and possibilities in the park, I insisted on waiting to see this baby elephant pass by 🐾 .
The baby elephant is young and naive. He has probably not spend a day without his mother. He was roaring out loud, restlessly searching for her.
While he was restless, we all were astounded by his eagerness to see his mother 🐘 .
For a moment I stood there thinking, how beautiful is the bond between a mother and a child. It is perhaps the highest form of love the world has ever witnessed ❤🐘 Isn't it? 😊
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Thousands of bird watchers and ornithologists can get attracted to this amazing bird paradise. The mixed, bamboo and the grassy forests are the perfect spots for bird watching in Kanha National Park. Amazingly, some attractive water birds can also be found near the reserve's rivulets and at Sarvantal.
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Spotted deer family watch anxiously in full alert, as the tiger passes by.. @morning scenes in Kanha National Park, India

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Neelam, one of the prominent #tigresses at #kanhanationalpark had been spotted with her litter of #cubs on 19th November.
You can also watch the video at https://youtu.be/Udc3kGJGvpo
To book a tour at this amazing tiger reserve contact us at http://www.i4utravels.com/
Phone: +91 9425157188
Email: contact@i4utravels.com

Stay Tuned! To uncover the real characteristics of ‘The Jungle’ #wildlife #jungle #nature #tiger #KanhaNationalPark #ChitvanJungleLodge

Nephila pilipes
Initially I thought I would photograph every differnt spider I found. Of course, I soon realised how greatly underestimated the diversity. This particular spider, commonly called the giant wood spider or the golden silk orb weaver, is one of the biggest orb weaving spiders. The name giant wood comes because of the huge size of their webs that they build between 2 trees. They are also called 'golden' orb weavers because, the web is usually yellow instead of white, and appears golden when sunlight shines on it. The yellow color of the silk is thought to be useful in ensnaring bees, and also blends in easily with the background. The pigment intensity can also be adjusted by the spider in accordance to its surroundings. In these spiders the hub is usually near the upper part of the web. They also show is also disticnt sexual dimorphism, with females being considerably larger than males. The females can even be upto 10times larger than the males.
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These pinky-sized creatures cross the Indian Ocean from India to Africa in a stunning 16000-kilometre migration every year. .
Just one of nature's badass stories from a wildlife circuit through Madhya Pradesh #onassignment .
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