Really good country song... if you like country.
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Wow crazy story !! Sooooo I’m a little tipsy and had to run and pee at a close by bar and @_kellyymariee_ got upset and would barely talk to me , I told her I would make it up to her and out of nowhere in the corner of my eye I’ve seen a very familiar face and I told her (excuse my language ) HOLY SHIT that’s @kanebrown_music she didn’t believe me so I chased him down he was very nice and said that he couldn’t stop because he was on the main strip but he called Kelly up to talk to him and get a picture, his fiancé @katejae_ was there and she wanted a picture of both but for Kane’s sake she only got a picture with him this is Kelly’s favorite artist and was a dream come true for her thank you @kanebrown_music for being so humbled and finding time to make someone’s dream come true #kanebrown#katejae#chattanooga

Help feed the hungry in South Sudan

Help people who are starving to death in South Sudan
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Help the hungry in South Sudan
Help let people know about the Hunger Season

You're not close enough so that space between
You and me, let's lose it

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Fav 💋😏😍😎 #kanebrown #countrymusic #hesbae

Help stop genocide
Help raise awareness about what is happening to the Rohingya people
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Dan + Shay. Most streamed country song of 2018. Follow for more..

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