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For those who asked yes she really was with #jonathancheban and #kimkardashian was there too. These photos actually weren't photoshopped, there's a video of it on youtube. Kim leaves after them. You can hear Jonathan tell camilla as they're leaving "we don't need kim let's go do our own thing" and camilla says "no we dont (as in needing kim)" so maybe kim didn't want to hang out with her 😂 only posting this because I was tagged in the photos of them and they said it was photo shopped. She's still a #kimkadashianwannabe though. Oh and Camilla it's tacky af wearing a see through shirt with a victorias secret bombshell bra that adds two cups girl, wear a decent bra not one where people can tell you need extra help 😂 kim wears decent bras, where you at?!! #kamiosmanbefore #kamiosman #kamillausmanova #camillausmanova #therealcamilla #plasticsurgery #lfl #instadaily #f4f #instagood #igdaily

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