| simple but complex |
Wanted to create something that is short but has some emotion to it that each person has to figure out for themselves
@kalenrich x @iliyapnw .
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New York.
You’re towering structures.
You’re vast cityscapes.
All your people.
And I got to experience you.
Till next time...

In love with this city
When the sun started to set it began to give this amazing moody feel to the whole city, every shadow was coming out from their slumber. With that beauty was captured among the streets.

New York City, New York -
I had an idea that maybe instead of capturing everything in focus why not see the art of the picture out of focus and see what comes of it? So I got this shot and fell in love.

So many endless opportunities in New York, never tired of it.

Kinda don’t wanna go back to Idaho...they don’t have waterfalls like this.

Us creative minds come with creative blocks, a lot it seems like haha •

Brilliant video idea by @valdays

Sorry for the shit quality on the video Instagram sucks:/

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