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No caption needed,My eyes are telling you what i want to say
Understand if you can 😘😘😍
#latepost #kalaghodafestival #towelpainting #bestpicture

You always find a random rebellious strand of hair photo bombing the pictures you take. No? Maybe it's just me. #Kalaghodafestival #aditiarya #missindia #missworld

#varia today at #kalaghodafestival Ally is looking gorgeous and Vd is looking handsome,and both r looking beautiful together❤😭😍love you sooooo much #varia @aliaabhatt @varundvn @shaheenb

The clay says:
I've been slammed onto a hard, spinning wheel.
I'm flying around out of control.
Under pressure I'm being squashed and squeezed,
And I know fire lies ahead.

The Potter says:
Carefully I threw you onto just the right spot.
Your imperfections are being smoothed as you spin,
By the loving pressure of my hand.
I'm holding you and moulding you.
Proud and pleased with my creation.
And fire that lies ahead will only enhance you beauty.

📸I don't know

#pottery #clay #kalaghodafestival #potter #ancientart


The Bombay Natural History Society works with eCoexist on promoting several of our natural products. The first series of bags we did for them was with canvas material that had been lying with them for several years. We went onto produce bags on the theme of wildlife and bird life too.

Recently we customised our wildlife bags for BNHS for sale at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.

Having trouble finding #ride ? Here have some. #kalaghodafestival #2016

So many masks which one are you wearing today? #kalaghodafestival #2016

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