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Patey and Waga's coming to Chelt v. Soon I have so much to look forward to @wagamama_uk #Wagamama #kaizen2017 #cheltwaga

Lista para mañana.☁️✨ #me #noface #spiritedaway #cosplay #kaizen2017

ini lho yang bikin pre event kaizen kemaren jadi istimewah .. petjaah abis ❤❤❤ teman teman yg dibelakang rosemetal itu ✊
kameranya mentok bgt disuruh mundur dikit gamau sih jdnya ada yg ga keliatan.. makasih yaaaa temen temennnnnn!!!
jangan kapok dukung @rosemetalproject ❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏
#rosemetal #kaizen2017 #kaizensmaliska

Happiness means loving yourself, 📷: @ardhitramadhan
#kaizennomatsuri #kaizen2017 #sman5surakarta

💪🏼😎 #pekerjacemerlang.. Demi menjayakan #kaizen2017.. Ku gagahi jua.. Yang penting jaket mahal.. 😋🤓

Celebrando los 1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣ años de la Escuela de Ingeniería 🇨🇱🌎

Monday!!!! Whoa!!! Had the best workout, met with a new friend to help her get registered for #KaiZEN2017, then talked to a gym owner who's been loving our products (for 6 years!) and now wants to implement them in her gym in Wisconsin, Just popped into call in New Zealand to educate some boss babes how to earn residual income.
Next, a few coaching calls with some serious go-getters, firmed up my VIP event for next week in Texas and we will cap off our night training the team how to simplify ----> All while in my Boyfriend sweats and 🐶Hugo at my feet. 👌🤗 ps if you sent me messages about joining or more wanting more info I'll get back to you 💃🏃‍♀️

I can't describe how challenging this camp was physically and mentally. Even if I did you wouldn't understand unless you've done it. I'm so proud of my team for pushing through and can't wait for next season! #kaizen #kic #kaizen2017 #kaizen4life


Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection 🙏 #continuousimprovement #perfection #kaizen #workquotes #instawork #kaizen2017

MichaelFest 2k17 was a mess and success. From Goldie Swan dying at the lake (RIP), almost Jonathan too, to a intense rain and hail storm and everything between....We made it out alive. #michaelfest2017 #knolllake #coconinonationalforest #kaizen2017 #perdonperonoperdon #thisismenow #camping #rain #messy #sendhelp #arizona #ripgoldieswan

Stepping out of my comfort zone for the next 90 days! #todayistheday #unstoppable #kaizen2017 #nothingtolose #everythingtogain

Take the Lead. Step Up. Make a Difference. #Kaizen2017

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome ".
Arthur Ashe

Thought I'd share this from my personal.page. as it has to do with growth, constant progression, self development.
This is what I want for everyone I come in contact with, clients friends etc.

They say each journey begins with one step.
I've been on many but this particular journey started about six years ago.  That when I first stepped foot into my Senseis dojo.
Armed with doubt, as I felt I was to old to be getting into something like this, all doubt left me as soon as I met my Sensei and the crew for the first time.
After my first class I was hooked. Self defense, energetics and meditation it was exactly what I was looking for.
Fast forward 6 years after many ups and downs with injuries and doubt, after many gradings after many moments of self reflecting after many conversations with my Sensei pushing me past what I thought was my limit
one journey ends and another begins.

It's an honour to dawn a black belt. It's even more of an honour that the belt belonged to my Sensei.

Much love to all the dojo members. Much love to the Sempais for holding space for me.
Lastly, no words can describe how much my Sensei has ment to my personal growth and life overall.
It has been a blessing to have found a place I can call home away from home.

#humbled #ninjutsu #blackbelt #kaizen2017 #growthandprogression #newjourney

And it just happens to be a Monday too! I believe it's a great day to do a cellular cleanse! #nutritionalcleansing #refresh #cellularcleanse #cfl #kaizen2017 #fitlife #fitnessjourney #lifestyle #goals #mindset

FIRED UP! I want to change lives and impact world health! I've never been more sure about something in my life! I spent this past year changing my life and I'm ready to help more than just myself.
I'm still waiting for them to announce the new seasonal shake, but in the meantime I'm learning so much about our company and products!!🤓 #kaizen2017 #celebration2017 #fitnesstrainer #fitness #health #fitlife #fitmom

I'm not in Vegas for our company's largest event, but I'm thankful they will be on a Live Feed tonight where I will get to hear what the new seasonal shake will be and new products that are coming out!! A) raspberry cheesecake B) salted caramel C) peanut butter D) cookies and cream What will it be?!?!😋 #celebration2017 #kaizen2017 #yummy #healthy #delicious #nutritious #superfoodshake

Special thanks to
- @ziansurya and @dreamyjeanphoto
- @oi.hon thank u mba, u da best makeup artist ❤
- @delima.permatasari @caterinaaask terimakasi sudah mau latian berhari hari sampe mampus ❤
- @rifaa_26 our best manager yg mau sabar ngedampingin dari pre event sampe main event, i love u to the moon and back ya mba. loveee ❤
- kakak kelas, adek kelas, dan teman seangkatan yg mau bersedia jadi maid dan butler. tanpa kalian aku udah sekarat ❤
- @kaizen_smaliska segenap panitia kalian LUAR BIASA. terimakasih sudah berjuang bersama sama dari enol sampai akhir ❤
- @narendraaditama, mas kimun, mas bugson, mas fay, mbak farah, mbak febe, dan semua alumni kaizen yang tidak bisa saya sebutkan satu persatu, di sela sela kesibukan sidang dan skripsi, mengorbankan waktu untuk membimbing kami. arigatou gozaimasu ❤
- Last, 2500 lebih pengunjung Kaizen no Matsuri 13, tanpa dukungan kalian event ini ga akan berjalan meriah ❤
#kaizen2017 #kamatsu13 #kaizensmaliska #kaizennomatsuri #jfest #maidcafe #eventsolo #jfest2017

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