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I was 19 when I first got to meet my best friend. Slightly scared but also extremely excited. I knew I’d be experiencing a different type of relationship when introduced but I never ever imagined what type of love we would share.

Kaiser was there when I used to play cricket for Essex and he would be there in the garden stealing all the balls from me and my nephew so we couldn’t practise, he was there to do absolutely nothing when I used to pretend I was getting attacked, instead he would jump on me. He was there when I needed advice and his silent presence would give all the answers I needed and he was also there when I used to talk to him about this thing called ‘Inkquisitive’ I wanted to start.

He gave me 12 special years that I’ll never forget and while touring the world, even fans asked on how he is. Today, I’m so so SO sad to say I’ve lost my best friend. I’ve never experienced such a feeling of losing a family member and my hearts broken in a million ways.
Thank you to my brother Bobby for allowing me to experience his love. Forever would not have been enough. I love you so much Kaiser. Here’s thanking you for shaping me to become who I am. The saddest moment is when the one who gave you the best memories becomes a memory. A million tears won’t bring you back, I’ll miss you forever baby. 😢😞

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite 3-year-old bear who is still just as goofy, sweet, and snuggly as the day he joined our family❤🐻🎉 #BirthdayBear #SweetestBear #3yearsold #FavoriteCouchSpot

Мы #командаЖоры относим к себя к современным предпринимателям.
В отличии от других кухонных салонов мы рекомендуем технику которая будет стоить дешевле чем на официальном сайте компаний поставщиков.
Как? - да все просто!
- У нас есть скидка в каждой компании, этой скидкой мы делимся с покупателем новой кухни в нашем салоне! - И вот ещё что! Каждый поставщик с большим удовольствием делает доставку и подъем БЕСПЛАТНЫМИ *при покупке от двух единиц и больше)!
В нашем ассортименте остались только проверенные компании. По каждой единице у нас обратная связь от наших клиентов.

Жми на ссылку и смотри сайты поставщиков☝️
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Hoy tocó cata de casa Torres! #ViñaSol #AltosIbericos #GranCoronas #Torres #Wine #Kaiser

~no te econas @mg_yunis y dame mi chanchitooooo.
@esperanzayunis31 veeen ya!!! 🐷🐷
#husky #huskies #kaiser #santiago #ñuñoa #huskygram

"Yo estaba comiendo tranquilita y de repente veo y tremendo desastre😨. no tengo ni idea que pasó, lo más seguro es que fue #Rocco o #Kaiser, o ambos 😑"

Desplegando banderas y quitándose la marca, habilitando de zurda!!! Gran juego del chaparro!! #rayados #cumbres #kaiser

We were champions in our Very Small open eq class, despite mom's rusty equitation. Or maybe because it was a Very Small division and everyone had pretty much given in and gone home. Either way he gave me everything I asked for so he's my champion regardless. ❤ #kaiser #kaiserthewonderpony #kokovoko #perfectpony #poniesofinstagram #octoberfestcharityhorseshow

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