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Bat'leth' swords just arrived from the blacksmith! According to Klingon mythology, Kahless the Unforgettable formed the blade by dropping a length of his hair into some lava from inside the Kri'stak Volcano. #batleth #kahless #klingon #startrek #visitqonos

Today I saw how shitty the world can be, how people’s actions can be truly mean.
So, naturally, I got upset. & left. When I came back to my room, I got a gift from the universe.
I am thankful that Kahless listened to the voice telling him to come by today & he thought to bring Robert too.
They brought the sun.
Like they always do, they made my fucking day.
It’s hard, and honestly, tiring, to be positive, giving, nurturing, and kind most of the time. Especially with adversaries & crap circumstances.
Yet, today, when I needed it most, I was reminded that you do get what you give.
Thank you Kahless & Robert.
I love you both, more than this.
#kahless #bestnameever 🖖🏽 #Robert #bestbirthdayever #2002 💙

The most interesting Klingon in the world. .
#klingon #startrek #kahless #bloodwine

Happy Holidays from the ghosts of Kahless Present, Past, and Yet To Be! #klingonchristmascarol #kcc2017 #kahless #klingons #achristmascarol

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