Definitely more like seis-leches.
(coconut milk, whipped cream, yogurt, milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk. 🐮).

I ❤ carbs. Caaaarbs!! CAARBS! #throwback to #notstudying

Tiratisu? Tiramisu!

I made a (crepe) cake!

Love ❤

I hate most rolls. I hate most orange flavored anything. I've never dealt with fresh cranberries before. Oh look Ma! I made cranberry-orange rolls! #🐷

It's not a coincidence that this guy makes a regular appearance for special occasions; it's a protest statement against the hegemony of mounds of sugary frosting that attempt to hide dry brown-colored cake! Down with the cakemixiarchy! #🐷

Messing around with an Italian navel orange almond ricotta cake from @smittenkitchen. Its good to be back in the #kabery

Some honey cake for my honey('s birthday).

Also...thank you for following along in 2015! To no one's surprise but my own, my top posts are all related to brunch, chocolate or alcohol, and alas, not yet altogether. #2015bestnine

Staving off returning-to-work-dread by stuffing my face with @smittenkitchen's dreamy cream scones.

Starting #2016 with @smittenkitchen's apple cinnamon rolls for a new year's day brunch. And yes, there was a cream cheese icing later; austerity is not a word we tolerate around here.

Me n ma girlfriend #KABERY 😍😘💏💑💞💖

It's the return of the only chocolate cake that matters! Thanks to @thekitchn, this truly is the BEST chocolate cake on the planet. No flourless nonsense here, this is a cake's cake: sticky, chocolatey and melts in your mouth. Everything a chocolate cake should be.
Also, this marks the first time I've baked something in ten weeks. Whaaattt???!! #thisisfall

92 deg f outside. Cooling off with an Indian summer favorite: shrikhand. Saffron, cardamom, sugar and possibly a lot of "samples" in between mixing, you know, for science and stuff.

#Doge diagram of a #blueberry #cheesecake bar.

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