Theera Ulaa from OK Kanmani. Loved it right from the audio release. Rahman, Vairamuthu, Bharathiyar, AC temperature in my room, everything was so perfect in my room and it was repeat mode full on.
There was a lot of technology in the music and it was great technology. The music waves just keep reverberating inside the brain from one ear to the other like a straight line of water droplets falling from a roof slope.
I can't say that there are no words to describe the feeling when I first listened to this song, because that's what I'm here for :P the first word of the track itself amused me so much. Theeraa? You mean that quantity of something that never ends this ulaa? Like promise, forever infinity? Wow! I even considered naming my daughter Theera.
I often get tangled in between the exuberance of Rahman's voice and the poking lyrics in the thin air. Brain clears up from the intoxication when he utters the word "Kaatru Veliyidai". Like the way Bharathiyar says or you're gonna go ulaa upto the space? And then he says "Kaala Veliyidai" Oh my God man, give me a break, the brain can't handle so much. We've come upto discussing space-time continuum now :O
So to calm me down, brain decides to filter out only thala's voice and music now. Did he actually say the word "Arputhamaai"? And then Nikita Gandhi wakes me up. Aren't those the lines from Ajith's song "Megangal ennai thottu"? Anyway, wow, he says Theera Ulaa and she's saying "pirivondru nerum endru theriyum kanna"?. Something doesn't add up and that's how I get a hangover.
What's worse than that hangover was too many unpleasant memories that was associated with the song and the song's placement in the movie by itself. Pirivu came off eventually and the idea of "Theeraa" went to trash but atleast there's continuum and Rahman's "aaaa" left behind. It's however not the same anymore when I try to listen to this song. But not all great associations last, glad it happened atleast :) #theera #ulaa #theeraulaa #rahman #arrahman #rahmaniac #kaatruveliyidai #pirivondrunerumendrutheriyumkanna #addiction #vairamuthu #maniratnam #bharathiyar #okkanmani #okadhalkanmani #music #timetravel #travel #tamilsong #tamilmusicindepth

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