So excited to try some of these combos🙀Just a few products go a long way. I have some of these BlushSense colors & don’t always use them, but I will now! The best part is once they dry, they won’t smear & last all day 🤗 #alldaymakeup #everydaymom #homeschool #homeschoolmom #homeschoolmoms #lipsense #lipsensedistributor #lipsenseaddict #asl #aslterp #americansignlanguage #jwhomeschool #jwmom

Today was a volunteer day out in the ministry. Emma and Landyn love to show people Caleb and Sophia ♥️
They were so good on this cool and rainy day, that we allowed time for some fun before dinner 🍴
I am loving our schedule of Monday’s and Wednesday’s for the ministry; and Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday’s for school 🎨
That’s one of the best parts of homeschooling. Life still gets to happen, and the kids are a part of it! There are ups ⬆️ and downs ⬇️. Sometimes life throws us some ➿ loops! But the lesson at the other end is always worth it ♥️
Please don’t mind the sun burst in Emma’s face, this is a public post and I didn’t want their faces just out there before they can decide that for themselves

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With dentist appointments looming this afternoon, which both girls find emotionally exhausting, we need an easy morning today. Apple crisp and spiced tea, candles and books, doodling and drawing, and books...and more books. After our appointment we will hit the forest trails if the sun is still shining, if not we will visit a library....that is our day, what does yours look like? .
Our gorgeous table runner is from @jaqjaqbird and we are completely obsessed...we paired it with their dustless chalk and it has become the unconventional "school chalkboard" we have been searching for. (link in bio)
DM for resources
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So proud of Miky 😍 she gave her first talk last week and didn't even use any of her notes 😍💕 .
"Remember, then, your Grand Creator in the days of your youth." - Ecc 12.12
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A little bit of light math for the afternoon 🤣
It's a bit late in the day for Ben, he was not really into it 🐜
Reuben is very abstract in his math thinking and wants to just add the grouping numbers up instead of using concrete materials so I showed him how to do that and he picked it up straight away! Will o some more work on the golden bead set up of the physical numbers to reinforce it all 🐊
Mikaela pulled out the dot game to do some very large number addition. She is still learning to remember to carry the numbers over 🐎
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"For I set a pattern for you, that just as I did to you, you should also do." John 13.15 💖
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On top of the world 🍁🍂🍃🌲
The whole day hiking and adventurering and natureing with my boy. 😉
I'm going to always do my best to keep my health so I can tag along for as many years as these boys will let me, even after they don't have to...hopefully!

Yesterday how I miss you! You were happy and cooperative. You followed directions and worked cheerfully in the gorgeous Fall weather. Today you are full of tears of frustration, mischief and distractions! Not even a bike ride could make you better. Fortunately it’s only noon and you have many hours to redeem yourself lol. It’s one of those days, and its alright because we’ll get through it, we always do. Homeschool life is full of lifts and dips like everyone else.

Last two, 🤚 touch (tacto) and 👄 taste (gusto)

👂Hearing (oído) and 👃Smell (olfato)

👁Learning about our five senses. Here we are mixing colors and talking about sight (vista en español).

Learning to read simple words and getting pretty good at it! 4yrs old, K Primer from @thegoodandthebeautiful

We’re moving on to Egypt 🇪🇬 in our round the world project and it seemed wrong to study Egypt without looking at the ancient Egyptians, so we’re tying in some history (plus I have a kid who loves anything gross so I’m pretty sure Mummies are going to be right up his alley 🤷🏼‍♀️). He was more in the mood for working today so we read some books, looked at the geography of Egypt and answered some questions. We also talked about what a desert is (as most of Egypt is desert...honestly didn’t know that until today 🙈) and why the Egyptians all lived near the Nile river. .
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In their natural habitat...
I needed to reset my perspective today. I got annoyed with the 5yo because I’d planned some work for us to do together and he was as disinterested as it was possible to be. I gave up in the end and we read a book together instead, but the little nagging voice inside my head kept saying “I should be insisting that he sits down and does some bookwork” like he would have to at school. After the toddler woke up we went out to the park and the beach. Watching them playing at the park I thought how quickly we dismiss children’s play as being something unimportant, something for them to do when the ‘serious’ learning is over. But watching the 5yo tackling some swinging ropes that he’s never managed before, and see him so elated that he’d accomplished it, I realised how much they are learning from something so simple - growing in self confidence, persistence and an awareness of their own abilities, as well as strength, stability, flexibility, stamina and spacial awareness. We talked about balance and equal weight on the seesaw and speed on the roundabout. At the beach he climbed rocks like a mountain goat and told me all about the black anemones he found clinging to the rocks, while his sister threw stones in the sea. They were so happy and totally engaged in what they were doing. It was a good reminder to me that learning happens everywhere in real life - we don’t have to be sitting down with a pencil in our hand. (I don’t mean by this that they shouldn’t do any bookwork - I do believe it’s important to learn to read and write well - but forcing a child to sit and write when their heart isn’t in it is pretty pointless. We learn and remember best when we’re engaged and interested...I just need to remember that now 😜)
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Flowers drink water too! 🌸
My kids loved checking on their little flowers every couple hours to watch them transform. There is SO MUCH they can learn from this experiment! We will definitely be doing this again to see what else they can discover each time! 🌺

Not only did it help Emma learn her colors, she learned that flowers like to drink 💦

Landyn learned how water travels from the stem, to leaves, to petals, and why 🍃

I learned that I didn’t need to go buy flowers for this experiment, because the ones in my yard drink water too 😉

What is a favorite experiment your kids love(d), or that you enjoy❓

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Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA the past week - we've been putting all of our energy into finishing up our school room, and finally as of last night - everything has been finished, moved in, organized, and boxes of stuff donated and bags of garbage thrown away! It's been crazy busy, with long working days getting it done... But DRUM ROLL please! Tada! Our school room reveal! We're so excited! I am especially excited because all our school stuff is now in one location - not spread out everywhere! I feel more organized already! A big shout out to my hubby who worked so hard building it for us and teaching us cool stuff along the way! 📚. Have a great day my friends! 💞
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“D-D-D-Gar!” 🤣😂
Sounding out names as he ‘writes’ them. Big sister’s name is Dara (sounds like Sara) but he has always galled her ‘Gar’. The bigger boys got a howl out of the nickname so it stuck! Poor Dara. 😂
#homeschool #preschool #thingsiwanttoremember #JWhomeschool

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