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#JuventudGuerrera attempts a springboard hurricanrana on Joe Gomez. #Botchamania

#JuventudGuerrera lands a springboard somersault dropkick right to face of #Syxx #WCW #Nitro 04/28/97

BREAKING: Juventud Guerrera returns to WrestleCade Weekend 2017!

WrestleCade Weekend 2017: A New Beginning is one of the largest annual independent wrestling events in the country held over the course of 3 days & will feature more than 100 of your favorite wrestling superstars from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This years festivities begins with Showcase of Champions on Friday, November 24, 2017 with a 7pm bell time.

The next morning will begin bright and early with WrestleCade FanFest kicking off at 10:30am & will conclude with the WrestleCade SuperShow which has a 5pm bell time. Get tickets to all of the WrestleCade Weekend events except Sunday here: http://www.wrestlecade.com/get-tickets/
The final day begins with a non-denominational worship service at 9am and will end with events to be announced very soon.

The Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem, NC will once again be the host of WrestleCade Weekend. Get directions here: http://www.wrestlecade.com/get-directions/
Special room rates are also available at the official hotel for WrestleCade Weekend 2017…The Winston-Salem Marriott. Get more information, here: http://www.wrestlecade.com/book-your-room/

This event will sell out so get your tickets NOW! More info at the link in the bio. #wrestlecade #juventudguerrera

I forgot this was tonight 😮😄


#JuventudGuerrera attempts a springboard hurricanrana on Joe Gomez. #Botchamania

Aleluya ! Junto a mis hermanos amados en nuestro Primer viaje de camino por la obra del Señor 🙌🏽 #DiosesFiel #JuventudGuerrera

One of my favorite cruiserweight, and well, overall WCW matches of all time has to be Kidman vs Guerrera vs. Mysterio for the CW title at Starrcade '98, such a thrilling match, especially for that transitioning style back in the 90s.

@aawpro on 8/5 is going to be 🔥

Con estas valientes jóvenes :D #JuventudGuerrera

Still one of my favorite moments in #WCW, the good ol Juvy trip! #WWENetwork #JuventudGuerrera #TheJuice #FallBrawl96 #TPP #TPG

Got to meet the legend @wonderkidjonnystorm again and the former wwe/wcw cruiserweight legend that is @juventudguerrera 2 awesome guys 🤘 #ipwuk #ipw #juventudguerrera #jonnystorm #wwe #wcw #legends #britishwrestling #professionalwrestling

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