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We make money moves #1015 #juulboyz 📸: @djclydemusic

can't wait to c some of my fav people in a few days #juulboyz #gleeee

happy birthday hayes !! cant believe youre actually live.. congrats on the legal beverages, much love || ❤️🍻 #juulboyz #matchingblastz #mangofoul

happy 4th from the juul headasses 🐉

Sent 📤✅ #juulboyz

Whoa, did I drop my JUUL?


An Uulsllv spotted at Tennessee with an Acid Trip @uulskins! 👌🏼 Thanks to @alexglide for sending in the pic! Never lose your Juul again! ☀️

#juulboyz out here!!! 😤😤

We’re not a complicated product. SLLV puts your JUUL on your phone and allows you to hit it without it leaving the SLLV. Slide it up, hit it, slide it back down. Simply put we are the best way to never lose your Juul again. No buts about it.

It’s still summer with a Mint SLLV and an Illusion @uulskins ☀️ Grab one today at Uulskins.com! 🌊

Need to run to the office? SLLV is so thin it’ll fit under most snap on cases! 👌🏻

Today’s SLLV handcheck, a black SLLV and an @uulskins Acid Trip skin!

For all of you with a @popsockets, SLLV works with your phone! Never drop your phone or Juul again! 🚫 Thanks @annahamm0nd for the pic! 👌🏻

A girl, a Juul, and a sllv 👌🏻

Easy as pie! 👌🏻 Our one handed design allows you to slide your Juul up - rip it - and push it back down with just one hand! 💭💭

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