¡Feliz aniversario al amor de mi vida @miamifertilitydoc! Un día como hoy hace 23 años tome la mejor decisión de mi vida cuando te dije que si quería ser tu novia. Y hoy 23 años después te puedo decir que te amo cada día más y gracias por hacerme tan feliz. ¡Te amo con todo mi corazón y deseo tener la fortuna de seguir compartiendo muchos muchos años más a tu lado! ♥️🥰🥂

Happy anniversary to the love of my life! A day like today but 23 years ago we started dating, best decision of my life. Thank you for being you and for making me sooooo happy! Love you with all my heart and I hope to have the great fortune to enjoy many more years by your side!!!♥️🥰🥂

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Mr Suger and I had these photos taken (shout out to @bambigosbell_photographer) FOUR years ago now. I stood on a nail that day and it went through my boot, sock and between my toes without leaving a mark. PHEW. Lucky. ⠀

Anyway, four years seems a long time ago, but no where near long enough to have squeezed everything into our lives since. We sold a house, moved in with my sister, brought a house and did some renovations, travelled some places and managed to keep our businesses running and our bills paid.⠀

Adulting, HARD. Leave some high fives for THAT!⠀

I wanted to acknowledge all that; those two kids staring off into the distance (artfully, don't you think, lol). We made it and managed to stay in communication with each other. Which is not to say his old work socks stuffed under the couch doesn't push me over the edge.⠀

Relationships take something, so if you're struggling today that's SO okay. Imagine where you'll be in four years. Can't picture that? Look back and see where you've come from. You've got this; good things are coming.

Dreaming of topless afternoons by the med with my love. #justustwo #nicefrance @tybeange89

Quick stop before going back to Elsinore. My pop loves the park! #mommyandson #parktime #justustwo #beautifulday #happywednesday ❤❤

Making Play dough figures with my little bongo!! #mumlifeisthebestlife #ourtimehasvalue #justustwo

Happy HOLLADAYS, from us! 🎄💫 As far as we’re concerned, Christmas has already arrived. I’m ready to cut down my tree, string A LOT of lights, and put candles in every window.🎅🏼
There’s nothing better than Christmas Time- I even love the snow. Come find me if you’re down to go sledding, tubing, build snowmen, and drink an exorbitant amount of hot cocoa (with jumbo sized marshmallows.) I have always been all things Christmas, I’m just glad and I feel so blessed that I have a warm place to call home while I’m celebrating this year. The only thing I’m missing is a toasty fireplace! But no worries, @bigskyresort is the perfect place to be if you’re in need during this holiday?! 😍
So, you’re looking for a good place to celebrate with loved ones!? Yellowstone National Park (although it’s freezing cold, and the snow is higher than me!) & Big Sky Resort are my two favorite holiday destinations! Hot Chocolate, Ice Skating, Music (IN) the mountains, and you get to see ACTUAL reindeer- if I do say so myself, Big Sky is the perfect place to hit the slopes, and relax every season! 🎅🏼
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Best man alive 💎❤️

It’s been a wonderful birthday. 💞💋Thank you for all the surprises. I feel so spoiled and so loved as always. Thank you honey @dcl_lau #💋 #birthdaycelebration #staycation #peninsulahongkong #petrus #justustwo

My WCW is Me. I Love Me Some Me. After Not Being Loved, and called Ugly most of my Life. Covering my mouth because I thought my smile was ugly "What yo Dumb Ass Smiling At? With yo ugly ass (shoe goes over head), to being the Motivational, Inspiring and Inpsirational Woman I am Today..... All I can say is: Love You. Learn to Love and Take care of Self, Before you keep giving you to Everybody Else . Stop Looking for, Expecting Others to fill your Emptiness. They may for a while, but the empty and Void will remain and eat at you, while your people pleasing and being passive, affraid to lose their conditional Love.
Women often tell me "Doc it isn't that easy". I Never said it was Easy. I said Do It. Like Washing Dishes, when the water is to hot, or using the Commode when it is cold.... Just Do it. Many ask me: How do I Love Me. Now thats the Better question and I can & do help those that are Genuinely ready to "Love Self". No matter where you are in the World, if your tired of being Tired... DM Me, fellas you also. I work with Lots of Men and young Men. I am Happy. After all of my Tragedies, I am Victorious, And You Should Be Too.

My "WCW is Me! Patricia. Dr. Patricia Demps. Me. ( And Believe it or Not, that young King standing next to me, HAD A WHOLE LOT TO DO WITH HIS MOM SIMPLY LOVING HER, SO I COULD LOVE HIM. Knowing that one day he would be some young Ladies Husband, and Possibly some Beautifully Intelligent Young Ladies Father. My Son Helped me Learn to Love Me..... That's How Much I wanted to be a Great Mom to him. And Not only does he say it loud and Proud, but anyone that knows us, Can see it. "Mommie Love You Son". I Love You! @thejewelzdemps

#JewelzUnique 💯💯💯👊👊👊👑👑👑

“Single” doesn’t always mean lonely and “relationship” doesn’t always mean happy.

Comment below if you agree.

Get Wed Wednesday!
Do you remember her @mydear_ariane ”I said yes” picture? Well, she is officially Married.
Mr. & Mrs. Ellsberry. Marriageis4us 💕Absolutely beautiful. If you haven’t already wish them many more blissful years together, feel free to send them some hearts.
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